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World’s First Aquaponic Living Green Wall

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In addition to being super cool, living green walls can bring a whole host of benefits (http://verticalfoodblog.com/benefits-of-green-walls-living-walls/).

In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses the newest use of ZipGrow towers – a living, food producing green wall that’s easy and cost-effective to assemble, maintained and ultimately cover the unused vertical space around you whether in an office, home, fence or side of a building.

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Bright Agrotech says:

Have you seen the World’s First Aquaponic Green Wall?

*Imagine the walls of your city growing food, providing greater energy
efficiency or even a fence of flowers!*

*Living green walls are the future!*

*Read some benefits here:*

*See some challenges here:*

*See how they work with ZipGrow Towers:*

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bo ter berg says:

I don’t understand … the barley will die in winter ? you leave them on ?
won’t the nutrient solution freeze ? I mean 20 or 30 below 0 …. but then
it won’t be green anymore ;o)

Tim Baxter says:

Where is this in the world?

Gaspar Mestas says:

How is this looking now? Did it work out as well as you had hoped? Did
you harvest anything from it?

Bright Agrotech says:

The World’s First Aquaponic Green Wall – A living, food-producing wall!
#Aquaponics #Tech #Growingfood #verticalfarm

Mario Treviño says:

paredes verdes

Aquaponico says:

awesome way to insulate your house using Aquaponics . You also have a great
looking green wall. #aquaponics #greenwall #farming #fish #outdoor

fitsgearld says:

I seen no green wall

AquaponicLynx says:

Have you actually grown it out for grain in the towers before? How long
does that take and what kind of season is appropriate for it? (our hot/cool
wet/dry seasons are kinda upside down/inside out for growing most grains
other than perhaps rice but I would like to test ways to grow some fodder
for our birds.)

Ty Thompson says:

Where can a guy get some towers like that? I’m really interested in doing
that kind of setup, though I never even thought of insulating from the
wind. Pretty cool!

Ty Thompson says:

Thanks, been checking them out.

Bright Agrotech says:

Hi Tony, The barley will grow out this fall and die after a couple of hard
frosts. The system will be turned off at this point and the barley will
simply work as insulation for our fish house during the winter. In the
spring we’ll replant the towers and turn the system back on. There are some
perennials that you could grow though that would survive the winter. . .

Bright Agrotech says:

It’s really easy to grow- one of the easiest cereal grains really. You
should give it a shot!

Johnny Green Farmer says:

Nate did you know Barley straw naturally inhibits algae growth in ponds
Pennsylvania State University did some research

Bright Agrotech says:

Hey Ty, you can pick up some ZipGrow towers for a green wall at

Bright Agrotech says:

Us too! The barley is looking much better this week. I think in about
another week we’ll do the 2 wk update.

Bright Agrotech says:

I stand corrected. I guess we have the second aquaponic greenwall in the
world. I’ll let Chris know. . . he’s going to be brokenhearted.

Wayne Meador says:

I really look forward to what this looks like once the barley is grown out.
Super cool idea. Keep up the hard work you guy, love what you do.

Bright Agrotech says:

I did know that- tried it out back in the day before I moved on to my
secret algae stopping weapon- humic acid. (I just let one of my secrets out
of the bag.) I’ll do a video on it soon. Pretty cool though huh? Barley is
awesome stuff that does awesome things. . .

Bright Agrotech says:

Heating greenhouses can be a massive undertaking- check out our video on
our heating system.

Bright Agrotech says:

Thanks! I’ll let you know how it grows. . .

Art Garden says:

My homemade greenhouse could use some tips on keeping warm this winter over
in W.I. We have a harbor freight greenhouse with corigated panels then
amish insulation frame build off that along with double layer poly
air-bubble insulation. It is one of a kind 🙂

Liz Abbott says:

Wow, that’s a good point. I buy barley for our koi pond, and its expensive.
I never even thought about growing some myself. I’ve got to get into the
farmer attitude a little more.


I would name it Molly. Molly Green Wall.

dalton1981 says:

Love the design of the zip towers, any plans to try get the cost down? At
30-40 bucks, i’d by a bunch. At 70, i’d probably be forced to build my own
with a similar design. Many aquaponics setups operate in the red, so cost
is a huge consideration when setting up a system. Love your videos by the
way. You make learning fun

AquaponicLynx says:

How can you say it’s the first? I had them on the east wall of my garage at
the old house some years ago.

Bright Agrotech says:

I think we have a video up now? or coming soon explaining. Thanks for
watching RK!

Au Explorer says:

Can’t wait to see how it grows in.

Bright Agrotech says:

We run at full capacity during the winter and slightly lower capacity
during the summer to make up for our production slump due to fewer daylight

RK Castillo says:

Looking forward to how you stuck the Zip Grow towers onto that wall.

Bright Agrotech says:

Nature abhors a vacuum and sterility is the enemy of an aquaponics system.
If your fish are healthy, then go ahead and use water from your pond to
cycle. It will speed up your cycling time.

Tony Ward says:

Since it gets very cold there, how can the barley plants stay alive during
winter? Also, won’t the water flowing to the towers freeze? Thanks for
sharing your cool ideas!!

Bright Agrotech says:

Us too! It’s shaded for half the day, as it’s on the West side of the
building, but we still expect it to grow in pretty thick.

Bright Agrotech says:

Hi Dalton, We’re working on it. Our goal is to keep bringing the price down
over time and we’re getting there slowly. We want this to be as accessible
as possible while still being able to make a living doing this. If you are
interested in buying bulk then email us through the website. We have much
better pricing for bulk orders.

Bright Agrotech says:

Alright then. Molly it is.

digitalsoultech says:

AWESOME NATE! love it and looking forward to it

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