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without these PLANTS won't SURVIVE… Beyond Organic Gardening

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Without these us and plants won’t survive. They are foundational for growth of all cells!

Here is the link to the video of Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFujalK2jHg


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.prigioni


My Secret RARE Fruit Tree, PERSIMMONS!!

5 TIPS FOR BUILDING HEALTHY SOIL: https://youtu.be/7-Tyz7fGeZo


Benjamin B says:

Key point: plants will give more than what they take according to their symbiotic relationship with sunlight, rhizobium bacteria and soil nutrients! Thank you James, love the new videos! Natural farmers unite!

TheGracepowers says:

Well done. I just found your Facebook page, and really like your communication style. You're a natural. Back to Eden is one of my favorite videos on organic gardening… ( https://vimeo.com/28055108 ) and working with nature is sure a more excellent way.

Hal Young says:

Awesome information! Thanks for sharing. Would you recommend Jeff Lawton as the best mentor for those wishing to use humid tropic land such as in The South Central Philippines for cash or market crops while also wishing to to create a food forest?

PHILLIP Yorko says:

Youโ€™re so damn smart ๐Ÿ™‚

Marsha Balderrama says:

Hi James, where did you get your wood chips? I have only put microriza in my tree holes. Do you put it in your vegi holes?


I live about an hour north of Zaytuna farm.
This is similair to what fishkeepers call the "nitrogen cycle". We strive to have good and beneficial bacteria in our soil for healthy plants – aquariums too. .Fish tank waste (fish poop, decaying food and plant matter) produces ammonium (toxic to fish). Nitrosomas break this down to Nitrite (less toxic). Nitrospira breaks this down further to Nitrates. Nitrates are much less harmful to fish. However can become deadly if the amount of nitrates becomes to high. In nature there is much more water to dissipate nitrate levels. In a closed system like an aquarium, we remove 50% of water from our tanks (more or less – varies with need) each week or so and top up with clean dechlorinated water to mimic what happens in nature. Aquariums that have not been cycled is what kills peoples fish when they first start in the hobby. And cleaning everything in a fish tank with chlorinated water kills the nitrogen cycle.

Christina Oklaohio says:

Very interesting ty

Dustin Hill says:

do you have a group on facebook?

Shellie Larrick says:

Fascinating!! I love the way you do the photography behind you and to highlight and bring emphasis. You are so knowledgeable, but also great at putting together a very creative video that is interesting to watch. Memes are a great touch! Thank you and bless you!

a journey sustainable says:

I was inspired and will be submitting a meme… don't hold your breath though.

Sharona Goren says:

I needed to find your channel. Learning just what I need. With the attitude that I enjoy.

50 shades of green says:

good day to you James !! another amazing video in your series !! thanks for sharing !!take care…………….simon

Ed Tawyea says:

James, over my many years of gardening I have learned that it comes down to ย tending to the soil; and that's certainly what you focused on in this episode. You did a beautiful job of illustrating the fundamental process of nitrogen fixing, including great graphics!

J L says:


Has a cool interactive which elaborates different steps and branches in the nitrogen cycle.

Bearfoot Gardener says:

Haha, I love the gardening tip of the week throw in!

J L says:

Isn't nitrogen from "nitrogen fixing" bacteria just bacteria pee and poo?

Learn & Grow with Ann says:

Epic!!!!! Thank you!!!!

pat smith says:

Do you have an ants problem in your garden

Daniel Fisch says:

Very informative video, thanks for sharing the info.

pat smith says:

I have a question what did you do to prepare your soil for your grapes? I live here in Mobile Alabama and I wants to go grapes

Sarah Kimm says:

Love your channel

Jollysepp says:

This show is great. Thanks for making it!

VirtualFather says:

James you are more impressive each week. There are a lot of tells in life. I can see you are all in, you are doing GIA's work and your rewards will be a strong healthy heart and a clear and illuminating Mind Stay rooted in your garden.

Mary Rancourt says:

The memes were really cool! Thank you!

tfrank1326 says:

"….There are secrets in the rain
Every drop that falls โ€“ another piece of information
I see things falling into place
The pattern crystallizes โ€“ I think I know what it's been saying

Every body's mostly water
Feel the tide in youโ€ฆ" (Gaia's Consort…"Secrets of the Rain") Your video made me remember this song. Keep the great information coming.

GardenOfWeeden says:

Awesome video thanks James. I've known about nitrogen fixing plants but not how important they are to placed that don't have winter's. Super helpful! Is there a way you could post the link to the Geoff Lawton video you referenced?

jaquiobear says:

Excellent video! I learn stuff from you that I didnโ€™t learn before from studying tons of permaculture and gardening stuff!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
I am starting up a Permaculture Design Certificate online course from the University of Oregon (OSU) now. It will be intense for 10 weeks. I hope I will still have time to watch your videos.๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ

Conscientious Omnivore says:

Awesome stuff James! Really good memes this week too. I only knew about the nitrogen fixing plants at a high level but this is the first I've seen explanations of how that mechanism works. Fascinating stuff.

Orthodox Philokalia says:

You have just cleared up a great mystery for me, I have always noticed that you can irrigate and irrigate and yet nothing happens with the plants at the moment rain comes wow the plants just grow wild and it is because they are receiving these elements from the rain that is not available in the irrigation water๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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