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Why Plant in the Mid-Season or Shoulder Season Garden + Rare Vegetable Haul

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares why you should grow more food in the mid-season aka shoulder season, the time in between normal growing seasons. Growing in the mid-season will allow you to utilize space that may not be used and ensure higher production of food crops.

In this episode, you will learn some of the reasons why you may want to grow in the shoulder season and where you can grow in the shoulder season.

You will also learn how to discover if it is worth it to plant in your shoulder season based on your first frost date and how to determine the best crops to grow before its too late.

You will also discover what John is planting in his shoulder season including many rare and uncommon vegetable plant starts he purchased in California.

You will learn about some of the better plant nurseries in Southern California that John likes to frequent to purchase some rare, uncommon and sometimes overpriced vegetable plant starts.

After watching this episode, you will hopefully be motivated to grow in your shoulder season, as well as learn about new vegetables that you may not have been familiar with.

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Douglas E. Petok says:

I hope you will have a fine experience in your travels too & from Santa Rosa Heirloom Expo next week, I hope to say hello to you while I am there.

Kristine Schilling says:

this is my first year growing. We moved to the same area as you a couple years ago. I started some tomato, cucumber, watermelon and bush bean seeds in the beginning of august just to give it a try when I realized that we dont get frost until after Thanksgiving. I cant believe how many people online think that growing and planting time is over! I know someone on FB who is in Southern Cali who is not planting for a fall harvest already. Why do people think they cannot grow late in the season?

michael morgan says:

Opps after smashing it up with a big hammer .

michael morgan says:

I watched your video on bio char about a month ago. I was wondering if using a common lighter fluid free hardwood charcoal and activating it as you showed would be a useful alternative to buying an expensive small (1-2 cu. ft. ) bag at the garden center.  If so what amount per. 100 sq. ft. would be an appropriate amount. I would like to try it in places in my 1000 +_  sq.. ft. veggie garden. and maybe on some areas in my wife's 400 total sq. ft. butterfly gardens . I'm planning on adding some more compost to most of her small gardens this early winter when the many perennials die back. thanks so much for the video information.. mislandmike@hotmail.com

RDUBBs says:


heidigib01 says:

I just ordered Clyde’s planter guides, for myself and a couple friends. I even bought some seeds and starts for herbs and a tomato! I’ve managed to keep some plants alive for a few years so I’m going for veggies! Your awesome and maybe soon I’ll have a private backyard grocery store!

Frank Maximchuk says:

I found yet another self watering system you might be interested in. https://www.riflestock.com/store/product/versapot-1-unit/

John Pierce says:

37:00 then don't let josh by them haha

No-Dig Garden says:

😱🤔 We just have like two Seasons ..
🌻🐝 the Green 🍀🐞 and 🥾 🎅🏻 the Brown 🍁 🎄🌲 🤷🏻‍♂️

Robert Beckler says:

I live in mn. I will be starting my greenhouse today. For next year I'm going to try storing barrels of water to keep the house warm to help through the frost . paint them black. See how many days I can add to growing season. I have built a few solar water heaters in my life. Cheap and easy ones.

Plants4ever says:

Loving these unique plants! Thanks John😊

Wot NoobClown says:

I can watch this shit all day ❤️

fex says:

"no time to start my seeds" you are not a true gardener. your garden is forced

fex says:

raised beds are un-natural

fex says:

Aquajet is not natural. get rid of it.

Zayra Chavez says:

Which sprout faster, mungbean or radish. If you put them together, which will interfere with the growth of the other? I would really appreciate if you would respond, I don't want to mess up. Great video by the way!

Practical Primate says:

Good vid John 🙂

Budsville USA says:

"maybe if it's 9 hehehe" lmao I love your content John, never stop!!!!!

Andrew Smith says:

I'm new to growing in pots, I don't know if it is because England has had excessive heat this summer that I'm disappointed in the growth and fruit of my plants. I have watered them early morning and fed them once or twice a week depending on the growing stage! Very little peppers and chillies the most expensive chilli plants didn't even flower! Is it possible to over winter pepper and chilli plants? Any advice would be gratefully received. Another brilliant video John, I'm shocked to learn that even chilli flowers can be hot! I have a lot to learn lol.

Wolfman mann says:

What's up with John – whenever he speaks about joy lately he gets quite emotional ? Everything passes, nothing like gardening to get grounded. Hope your new plants settle in nicely. He's just a machine, pumps videos out no matter what – Legend !

americanwillow says:

Chinaman's Camp in Marin County?! That is soooooo FUCKING racist! How is that still named with that racist title?!

americanwillow says:

New Zealand Spinach is planted by garden gnomes and garden ghouls, JK. It grows incredibly easily.

americanwillow says:

Wait – 49:25 – are you saying you still have that property, JK?

americanwillow says:

JK, what happened to your yacon? Do you still grow that? You had that in abundance at your Noryhern California home – that and the Angelica Keiskei in abundance.

Grow Big SD says:

Not having time to start seeds is such an excuse. The main joy in gardening is doing something from seed to harvest. Such a waste of money too, what a shame

Paige Proffitt says:


BaltimoresBerzerker says:

@ 56 minutes lol I'm dying, thanks man.

Jonny_mazerati says:

How did he age so quick in this video

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