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WHY No Till Gardening Works Best with living roots, Organic Vegetable gardening for beginners 101.

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WHY No Till Gardening Works Best it is Due to Living Roots all the time in the ground. Organic Vegetable gardening for beginners 101 starts here. If you have a perennial living work to keep the soil food web working all year round. My Garden Channel on you-tube will show you how with no till

Bought from: www.NaturesGoodGuys.com
Via www.Amazon.com

Microscope used : http://www.amscope.com/40x-2500x-led-digital-binocular-compound-microscope-w-3d-stage-3mp-usb-camera.html .


Lee Godfrey says:

So how do you apply this solution to your soil and could this be applied to lawns

Sonny Mery says:

I have been binge watching your videos together with videos of Dr Elaine Ingham and there is something that has me confused.

if mycorrhizae fungi are responsible for feeding plants with nutrients and water, what use do we have from the nematodes if they eat mycorrhizae? you say the nematodes poop plant available nutrients, but, the MR fungi has our plants already covered with nutrients so what's the point?

Nicole Heenan says:

I just bought some of these this week. The one that controls Fungal gnats… I think that's what they're called. I was wondering if they were actually a thing or if they were just ripping me off! lol This video is really interesting!

Mario Greco says:

What kind of microscope are you using?

wndrfullife says:

Where's the LOVE button?!

roscorude says:

Ads for spraying extendomax on Mark's no till vids….I'm sure it's a great profuct

zarah doan says:

what microscope is that? It's beatiful!

Sherome Fox says:

I find this very confusing. Last year our entire garden was destroyed in a mater of 2-3 week by nematodes attacking the roots. The plants quickly died. Are these the same nematodes? Could placing hay over the garden area for a couple if years turn this around?

Jonathan Self says:

Hey bud! I love the channel and the nerdy goodness you have going on. Question for you. I have a good sized area that is covered in grass.Ultimatly, I want to turn the whole are into a food forrest but I have to go about this bit by bit. I'd like to start building soil out there while I focus on the veggie patch near me. My idea was to plant winter rye and or prairie grass out there. I had hoped to run a chicken tractor over the area over the next few years and just build great soil. I'm at a loss on how to seed such a large area without tilling up the grass. All the info I can find about green manure starts with spraying roundup or tilling. That's seems to defeat the purpose. Any ideas?

lynn whal says:

great info, i was watching the clover/ strawberry video /// was wondering where you are located??? & would these 3 cover crops work in tx sun??

Riverside Country Club says:

super cool !

Mad scientist/ farmer says:

I don’t think you have to buy any of that. Nature provides once you provide the right environment for them to thrive in.

Dacia Boehning says:

Fun video, love your excitement.

Lana Mi says:

I really enjoy watching your work with the microscope.It's the first time I see Nematodes, I had never seen before. I have learn alot, thank you so much for your hard working, understanding video!

Charles Burkhart says:

This is so great. Hope homeschoolers follow you….professor!

MRgreen says:

really enjoy watching your work with the microscope.

Patti Hayden says:

Very interesting thank you for showing and explaining how beneficial they are

Donald Damron says:

Hi Mark, great video this is my second time watching it, love the live soil food web and how it works and seeing this on video is great, thanks for sharing, Don.

Gardening Rebel says:

I would like to ask a question if i may. where do you get your wood chips ? I am not trying to be difficult but if your getting those from the land fill or tree services do you realize what you maybe bringing into your garden ? I have several friends that spray for power companies and state highway departments everyday . They spray thousands of gallons of chemicals a week onto trees that the then come through and clean up. So I do you really know whats in those chips ?

Sander Van Stee says:

I know the best way to get rid of perennial grass is to cover it with plastic but what are some possible solutions on a larger scale. Closer to 50 acres

Bobos Curse says:

Mark…do you have any opinion on using a broad fork? Do you consider that the same as tilling? I'm talking about prepping a grassy area that's never been worked before.

Jeff LaPorte says:

Thank you for another great video. Time to pull out my microscope. Do you happen to know the process to extract a sample from the soil to view under a scope?

Svetla Nikolova says:

Hello! If I put saw dust and wood chips on top of grass , will the grass die and feed the new bed I am trying to make? On top of that i want to put compost leaves and hey to rot a whole year. Will that work?

imasurvivornthriver says:

AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Adams says:

Oh WOW that is so cool!!

KaleidoscopeJunkie says:

Those ungrateful nematodes !
You bring them notoriety and they refuse to cooperate.

Kevin Kimmich says:

I really enjoy your videos. excellent combination of science context and hands on demonstration. you're one of the best YouTube garden channels.

in the context of your approach is there any such thing as a "weed" you would tank from the soil?

Mike Kincaid says:

Awesome video! Very educational. I love the microscope work you did and learned a lot, had never seen nematodes before. I've been working on my first back to eden garden for the past 7 months or so and documenting the progress. Really excited for Spring so I can start planting. I've learned a lot from you channel and really appreciate the info you put out. Keep up the great work! Subscribed.

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