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Why Aren’t More Beauty Products Organic? | Green Living

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Learn why more beauty products aren’t organic in this Howcast video featuring Alegre of Green and Greener.

Hi, Alegre from Ember Living. A lot of people ask me for organic beauty products and I always have to pause for a moment there to explain to them that a lot of beauty products can’t be organic. A lot of the best non-toxic beauty products literally cannot have the label “organic” on them, and why is that? Something can only be labeled organic if it can grow, so plants for instance. You can grow them, therefore they can be labeled organic. But minerals, which are rocks that are just pulverized into powders, can’t be labeled organic because obviously you can’t grow rocks.

So some of my favorite bath and body products are actually mineral-based. And so they won’t have the label “organic” on them, but they’re some of the least-toxic ingredients out there. So you really don’t want to shy away from something just because it doesn’t say organic. So this is where I’m educating you on organic isn’t always better when it comes to that, because something can have the label organic on it and maybe there’s just a small percentage of the ingredients in it that are organic.

Another thing too is that some of my favorite products come from these really small companies where they can afford to use organic ingredients but they don’t manufacture in a facility that’s certified organic. Now I know that sounds really weird, but literally you can only put the label “organic” on the front of your bottle if it’s made in a facility that’s certified to make organic products. Now that doesn’t change that the ingredients are organic, so personally that’s not a rule that makes a lot of sense to me, but sometimes it will have it on the front but not so much on the back. The ingredients won’t all be organic. So for instance, turn the ingredients over. If there are a lot of plant-based ingredients on there, if they say they’re organic on the ingredients list, that’s the most important thing.

What it says on the front isn’t as important. But then again, there will be a lot of makeups, especially the ones called “mineral makeups” that can’t be labeled organic because the ingredients in them are just not plant-based, and they are some of my favorite products. So, don’t avoid something just because it doesn’t say organic. Do a little more research, ask some questions, look into the company. You’ll find lots of great non-organic products out there. For more information on ingredients to avoid in bath and body products, you can go to my website and download my little pamphlet on the 13 ingredients to avoid.


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