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What to Do in the Organic Garden Every Day

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ takes you on a late summer garden tour POV style (point of view) style to share with you what you might want to do in your garden everyday.

In this episode, John shares with you the thoughts going on in his head as he creates a to-do list as he wanders his garden to see the many tasks that are needed to get done. You will discover some of his thought process that allows him to be a good organic gardener.

After watching this episode you will have a better understanding of some of the things you may want to do in your organic garden everyday to ensure it produces bountiful amounts of fresh fruits for you and your family.

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Praxxus55712 says:

You left out rolling around in the compost. We can do that after the third
bowl I guess? :)

Binyamin Klempner says:


Great format. I found it very pertinent, actionable, and helpful. I
particularly like your closing comments about being perceptive and
listening to the garden and allowing the garden and plants to guide and
inform the work that needs to be done. Thanks for a terrific video.

Hal337 says:

I see you have been availing yourself to that MEDICINAL HERB!

Linda Bloom says:

Can’t wait to relocate to Nevada. We want to grow our own too, and enjoy
that sunshine. Thanks for all the wonderful work that you do. Such an
inspiration to us all.

TXplowgirl says:

Love the video. Just wondering, do you get a lot of snakes?

wonderlucha says:

John you’re hilarious. You have a bit of bed head there. Love your videos. 

pesto12601 says:

I walked through my organic garden today… it was a brown shit pile of
dead stalks since its 30 degrees out! Enjoy your abundant sunshine and
happy RAW living year round in sunny western US… though I wouldn’t want
to live in LV… the abiilty to grow and eat fresh all year is

mary ann says:

You mentioned fogging,
would you point me to your fogging video please dear?


Jim S says:

I like this garden tour format. I like when you answer questions. I like
when you talk about specific plants. I like when you review products. I
like when you go out on location. I LOVE it all. Keep on doin’ what you’re
doin’…and keep on growin’ :)

Patrick Wright says:

I would harvest first. Next, I would pull out all the brown leaves and dead
plants. That way you get pumped up, then killing bugs will be less
burdensome! I just started gardening. You inspired me, and I can’t wait for
the production like you have!

Onward to Innisfree says:

Hey Jon, I really enjoy these walk-arounds. You make a lot of interesting
videos, but the ones in your own gardens are my personal favorites.

TheTravelersTravels says:

I love the format John. Lets everyone get a really good look at your great
garden, and experience all the amazing growth with you!
I’d watch them if you did one every day!

Proverbs Thirty-one says:

if it were me.. my husband would get someone to help me clean up!
bless your heart, you must be extra busy!
Merry Christmas, Happy winter gardening: getting ready for spring, 

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:
Johnny Nguyen says:

Look at that license go to work. Lol 

Gardening Tips With Phil says:

Great tour of your garden John and some great tips on spotting pest
problems and keeping the garden looking nice.

Rory Cybin says:

“POV style… that stands for point of view for those of you who dont watch
those kinds of movies…” made me laugh out loud forever dude. and that
other video i just watched where you were mixing your own soil ingredients,
and youre like, “i like whacks off a lot more than wax on”. dude youre
hilarious, and a garden wizard. youre one of my fav people along with carl
hart, rhonda patrick, neil degrasse tyson, andreas antonopoulos, elon musk,
paul stamets, ron paul, bill burr, etc etc… im buying oceansolutions cuz
of you 🙂 mahalo from big island, hawaii

preppersintent says:

Our season ‘might’ just be over…..haha, minus 10 here today.

Adelina Saharova says:

You sound a lot more mellow in this video…. right after the cannabis

Elijah Paull says:

Put a couple chameleons or geckos in your garden they’ll eat up those

Hans Lin says:

your garden looks like a jungle,i love it..

1jw2 says:

When are you gonna bring your girlfriend into your videos? You can do a
video of you guys making a garden at her place………….

John Mack says:

why are your eyes so slanted? ha ha ha
mint celery juice, YUMMM

Carlos Pereira says:

John Is an amazing gardener Keep up the good work John.

Binky's Garden says:

Nice shirt dude. ‘Dino’ KALE!

Hao Lam says:

u seem to believe in soil, do u ever think hydropoinic is more superior to

BeeFriendlyApiary says:

Awesome yard!!! Cool dude too…glad to see ya!!!

Outsmart The AI says:

Lol, “those kind of movies where they do POV stuff” XD

Clark Koehn says:

Is it me or is john “cruisin at altitude” in this one

Black Panther says:

Hello John. Thank you for all your amazing videos with top info.

Why I’m writing to you is that I just read a shocking article about what
Organic Standards committee is trying to do and wonder if you read about
this recent meeting regarding standards of Organics?


You are a lot into Organics. Thought you may be able to make some more
noise about it. 🙂 Keep up brilliant work and thank you once again.

LP Filmz says:

John love your videos and I like to see that we both like to garden with
the same vibe in the morning. Your my inspiration to getting my patio
garden going down here in Baja California, Mexico. Shauuuu!!!!

JEM Topaz says:

Yeah, clean it up quick, because you sound disappointed in the way you keep
it. But the upside is…. when you clean it,

Kira Lee S says:

I wish I found out that you’d like to use some volunteer help on your
I’ve been researching for years because I wanted to grow my own food but no
experience, so,I wanted to learn more by help n learn from someone who
knows well.

Yvonne Hamilton-Williams says:

Thank’s for sharing. I look at my garden everyday from my window. We have
five children and our time is limited, however attempt to make it outside
as often as possible. Since the weather is colder now and having a newborn
baby I have been slacking on tending to the plants. I will make more
attempts to go out more often. 

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