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What Organic Gardening Means to Me

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Here is what organic gardening means to me!


Cynthia Price says:

Hi @migardener I watch your channel all of the time. Was wondering if you can please give me some advice regarding my strawberries. It's growing like crazy. Very green beautiful leaves and lots of runners and flowers. Only the berries aren't forming correctly. I put a video link in my comment to show a pic of my strawberry plant and its problems.

Sandra says:

Thank you for your time is very good video and i am organic gardening ..is my best therapy for sure …i just love it.

bartmol05 says:

You're not completely gardening organically, because you use Trifecta.(But maybe the conditions for something being organically is different in the US compared to here in The Netherlands. Also, we are simply not able to feed everyone with organic gardening. The yields are too low.
And for the taste. I think you're right, but placebo propably plays a big role in the taste and I think that self-grown food is more ripe and fresh than food from the store and thus taste better.

CustomGardenSolutions says:

Luke those are all great reasons to grow organically. The reason I go organically is for my health. I don't want a store-bought, NPK only, GMO herb or vegetable. Since I started eating mainly out of my garden I haven't even had the flu in 10 years. When I travel and don't eat from the garden my energy level is lower and I often get on the verge of becoming sick.

LucasGrowsBest says:

I see you're using the RODE Wireless lav kit. Pretty cool. You are such a cool guy (with a hint of dorkiness, like me, and I mean that in the best sense of the word) who grows a killer garden. Because I have such a small gardening I have been using some synthetic fertilizer because I know this will produce successful crops. However, I would love to try growing purely organic once I get my own acreage someday (I live in the city). Keep up the great gardening and videos bud. -Lucas

Liz Hoare says:

i grow veggies in containers in Cape Town south africa – would love to see some advice on veggie growing in our winter rainfall area

Missouri Girl says:

Thank you Luke for all you do for gardening and education. I started watching you a couple years ago and your videos are refreshing and interesting. I've learned a lot and appreciate the fact that you make your videos for knowledge and appreciation of the earth and eating healthy. Just like God intended. I also appreciate you haven't " sold out to the man" so to speak with you tube. Thanks again for being you and look forward to many years to come.

Soné Potgieter says:

Your opinion most certainly is important to us  I believe in growing organically because this way I can say to my daughter (10), come look at these tomatoes, or peas, or whatever is ready to harvest and we stand in the garden and eat it right there from the plant. Thank You again for your wisdom and thank you for mentioning South Africa

lane laney says:

Well said. We should elect only organic gardeners to political positions on all levels.

Shirley K says:

I used to have nematodes so bad I could barely keep a tomato or cucumber plant alive long enough to produce anything. I also never had earthworms. When I stopped using the 'blue' fertilizer and the bad bug killing chemicals I started seeing more and more earthworms. And after learning how to compost and vermicompost I got rid of my nematodes! Wow, what glorious lessons to learn. Now I garden organically and 40 years later I have the richest soil that a Florida garden could have.🦋🦋🦋😃

tstanley04 says:

Question; If i purchase a plant from a nursury, and the tag says 60 days to maturity – is that 60 days from when they planted the seed, or from when i purchase and plant it. And if it is the former, then how do i know how long it has been growing prior to my purchase.

Hoping for some help as its a question i can't seem to find an answer for anywhere. Note: in my case i am curious about carrots (which i have since learned from you is not ideal as root veggies don't like to be transplanted – so started a second crop of carrots for a later harvest from seed.)

Pablo Enrique says:

Petroleum is also found in the earth… Organic 😉 Just kidding

Mary Cain says:

Thank you for your enthusiasm and knowledge of gardening. I do grow organically but this year has been so different. My melons, tomatoes, zinnias, dahlias, sunflowers, etc have all grown erratically. In my research, I have decided that the irregular growth has been attributed to aminopyralid herbicide residue from the potting mix. What potting soil would you recommend to the most pesticide free? I have had devastating results this growing season due to aminopyralid. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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