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What is Urban Sustainable Living

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Patti Moreno the Garden Girl explains her Sustainable Living methods.

Check out http://www.gardengirltv.com



Mouseth says:

@scarygary76 Sorry man… I’m a regular middle class schmuck and was able
to do all of the stuff she talks about on the cheap. Stop being rude
wherever you go and maybe you will climb up in society. You sound very
uneducated, people like Patti give everyone ideas to grow their own food
and live sustainable, meaning they don’t have to spend so much money at the
grocery store.

macballa13 says:

wow no matter how positive and helpful you can be there are always those
people who try to be negative and bring you down. Keep your nastiness to
yourself!! SERIOUSLY!!

BadassC says:

Show nuff garden girl.

martysgarden says:

I have been watching your videos for a while and I really enjoy them. Up
until a year ago I owned a popular apartment gardening website, but I sold
it. So now I have decided to take up my passion again and start video
blogging about sustainable gardening in small spaces. Thanks for the
inspiration Patty, I feel really happy to be back into this. I really hope
I can help others like yourself achieve great results. Marty

bcdoula says:

Thanks for your inspiration and guidance Patti!Love your videos!! I live in
the subburbs in Canada. Would you have any suggestions on how to install a
portable clothesline?

Audrey McCulley says:

Thanks for sharing your vid and I will be viewing your other vids!!! Great

4Mengineering says:

LOVE the modular concept!

Christal Carden says:

Thanks for posting.

GreenPrep says:

Thank you. However, “scarygary” does have a point. Society makes it very
difficult for the poor to be greener. Even proper and natural foods cost
way too much. Seeds and the ability to grow the plants can become expensive
too. It can seem hopeless. Could you give more suggestions for poor people?
Some can not even go to school due to the cost, so it’s a fact that some
are less privileged. I am also searching for solutions. Green wishes for

ChristianInHollywood says:

Wonderful resource. I look forward to watching all your vids. With all that
is going on in the world, USL is the way to go!

Sust Enable says:

What is sustainable living? Check out our channel and trailer about an
upcoming documentary exploring “what is sustainability?”

Enviroman101 says:

I’am in absolute awe. This woman is an enviromental superhero. I’am going
to start a playlist on permaculture

IGNlTlON says:

Hey, could anyone perhaps explain, how is it that she keeps the lifestocks
together with the agriculture, whereas they’re seen in cages in the video

Chylene Ramsey says:

It’s called ‘complimentary proteins’, although its not critical they be
combined anymore. Its simple, basic foods people have eaten for centuries.
Legumes, grains, seeds, nuts, and foods processed as little as possible. We
eat them this way naturally. Beans and rice, oatmeal and milk, bean tacos
and cheese. We can make our own bread and muffins. What about sprouting
seeds like mung beans? You ca make Tofu and even soymilk. Amazon sells a
soymilk maker. It’s perfectly healthy, also.

Gypsy Jiver says:

Right on!

nigelbarkley says:

Thanks for that Patti! I really appreciate what you’ve put up. Now the
government won’t be able to poison me with their commercialized horse shit.

Chylene Ramsey says:

The chickens are let out to scratch around to eat bugs and worms from the
plants. Natural pest control. Can’t leave them too long, though, because
they like to peck at everything and scratch, and they’ll dig up the plants
and peck holes in the the veggies.

Frederick Dunn says:

A powerful and effective message. Making maximum use of our outdoor spaces
is so critical. I’m so glad that you are out there walking this talk.
People CAN live better!

Stephanie Sanders says:

Thanks for the videos!! I live in an apartment on 2nd fl we do have a deck
but not very much sunlight. I started some seeds inside but what should I
do next keep in containers or can I make a raised bed on my deck. Just
wondering what you would do 🙂

jihadacadien says:

Good advice: start small and expand at your own pace. I know a few people
who continously failed because they went too big before getting experience.

kuroneko99 says:

If you want to encourage what you call “consumer class” people to live more
“green” you need to lose the “attack” strategy. This alienates people and
makes you look like a jerk. Encourage baby steps + encourage people to keep
doing more. Every little bit helps – but so many people are getting
overwhelmed. Lead by example – and be happy, healthy and frugal.

gwrestore says:

you are so cool

Chi-Chi Omeokwe-Singleton says:

Wow! I am so glad I found this.

ChangeofSpace says:

Patti, Scary cant even spell. Please dont take anything he says personally.
I believe you work very hard for what you have, and it shows, you are a
true inspiration to MANY people. Please continue with your wonderful videos
and great advice to all of us who are trying to be more self efficiant.

Melo Earth says:

Patti, I just found your channel. I have a big yard in MD and want to grow
food all year long. Please make a video on how you set up your garden. I’m
curious about those plastic covered beds; it gets cold here. Also, do you
garden 100% organically? I’ll go see if you have more vids about these 2
subjects I am curious about. I want low budget and recycled as much as
possible too. Thanks!

Shebaqueenof says:

Thank You! This is exactly what I wanted to know.

caleacat says:

You go girl!

GardenGirltv says:

Scary, I work for a living. Rich people don’t and everything I have
accomplished has been through hard work and sacrifice. Please check out my
indoor gardening series where you will see me garden using recycled coffee
cans as a planter. And I agree the world would be better if people lived
with and on less.

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