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Fashion and Frappes says:

Love this video! I was almost tearing up watching it. So many of these really resonated with me. On one of the points you make where we should not give up anything we really love – what if its one of the big ones? For me its travel and flying. I have definitely reduced my flying but this is definitely my sore point. 🙁

Flor Varela says:

I've never liked littering in my life if I saw a friend or someone litter I would pick it up or tell em to pick it up …

Flor Varela says:

I think I started to look into low or zero waste when I learned about the sad truth about what animals go thru to be in our plates

Raquel L says:

I was going to vote for you but unfortunately, it doesn't allow to vote on just one category and I don't know the brands enough to vote for one of them :/

Neta Daldin says:

Very encouraging and great vid. Immy!😁

Michelle Berry Blog says:

Great video, I have recently been feeling like I haven't been doing enough, but I just need to remember its a marathon not a sprint. Thank you!

nicole is here to learn says:

I think a lot about my actions as a creative and I tend to agree: I’d rather not limit creativity and experimentation for a depressingly ascetic lifestyle. But there are also lots of ways to make a difference in other areas and even to find ways of “greening” my current practice without my creativity suffering. (Actually finding greener ways to create sometimes stretches the creative muscles even more 😉 hehe) This is a great video to remember what to focus on and how to think about one’s personal sustainability goals.

Sophie Mckellow says:

I've been on my journey since February and i have to confess last month was a real struggle for me! doubting if i was actually making any impact on the world wishing i could do more and feeling a little helpless! am i the only one whs gone through this??

Aleksandra says:

Thank you for your content! I am very grateful of your videos 🙂

Luna Lewandowski says:

Thank you very much for that video!❤

Diane O says:

It’s all about ConsciousLiving.🖖🏻

Jaycee Rich Empuerto says:

In my city here in Philippines we have the only one bulk store but it is like a hundred miles away and we don't have a car to go there. I don't know why they choose that hill location than in the middle of the city.

Zero_waste_crisp says:

Great video, especially liked the into ❤️

Emelia Söderlund says:

Thank you Immy <3
edit after watching the whole video haha : thank you thank you thank you, this video really resonates with me

Korydeea: Eco / Travel lifestyle says:

Voted. Good luck!!!

thia brabson says:

Thank you for such a lovely video❣ I have started with small steps of change which make ME SMILE INSIDE😏 as I enjoy our earth🌐

K'lah Dyer says:

"Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything." I'm taking my young family of 5 on a journey to sustainable living and it is challenging. But I've found that little things do make a difference.

My Little Life says:

Thank you for this! I often get mad at myself for making mistakes or not doing enough to be sustainable so I really needed this reminder.

Megan Witt says:

Thank you, a very wonderful video 🙂

Mindful Ale says:

Thank you, Immy, this was so encouraging, beautiful and inspiring. 💛

136Jstar says:

Thank you Immy for your encouraging videos and practical tips.

I would say to anyone in the UK to check out ‘friendly soap’, they are vegan, ethically made, cruelty and plastic free and affordable for toiletries.

BMeissner says:

Connecting with your motivation e.g. going out enjoying nature for me that's the most powerful suggestion I got out of the video. Thank you 🙂

zombiesandteaparties says:

Wonderful video! It inspires hope and is helpful and reassuring. I would like to add to your point on making mistakes: I believe that it's also okay to make a selfish decison sometimes such as choosing to eat cheese if you're vegan or buying coffee in a disposable cup once in a while, say if you don't have your reusable cup with you. The issues we face with waste and sustainability are overwhelming especially when the discourse is essentially "if YOU buy a bamboo straw YOU can save the planet". It takes collective action and if everyone reduced their waste and carbon footprints then that will make the biggest impact. We must also take into consideration that not everyone has the means to make all of these changes, even over time i.e. working class people, those living in food desserts. Changes in individuals' lives are importabt but we must also challenge the systems in which we live so that rhe ability to live a sustainable, zero waste lifestyle is accessible and equitable.

If it helps for you to have the odd Cheese Ploughmans from M&S when you have no other option then that's okay: you can have your moment to recentre, move on and continue your journey to contributing what you can to making change!

Linda Tait says:

Maybe I’ll stop feeling guilty about my big vegan screw up. I ordered pizza with vegan toppings but when it arrived I realised I (or they) had not taken off the cheese. I was so upset! If I sent it back it would have been thrown in the bin so, I ate it. My husband and my niece both said it was the right thing to do as wasting food is such a bad thing and it’s even more disrespectful to the cow to throw it away. You made me see that the 51 Fridays I got the order right (Friday night is pizza night) are far more important that the one I got it wrong. Thankyou 🙏

Loumarmit says:

This is such an important video! I used to beat myself up for still buying things like noodles that I couldn't find package free for so long 😔

Caroline Gratton says:

I love your videos. They really make me think about where I can be less wasteful in my life. What was the website you said was good for second hand tech? I would love to get a new camera lens but I don't want to buy a new one and I'm a little nervous of buy second hand and it not working xxx

Kathrin Muth says:

I have one: celebrate achievements! Still some of them so make me Happy when i think about them. It is the small Stufe, like using no bin bag for my compostable waste, but washing my bin for that … so simple

Jared Walton says:

That is one of the most helpful videos on the minimalist/vegan/low waste lifestyle subject, I've ever seen. Your points on not stressing yourself out and connecting with your ideals, I especially appreciate. Tyvm.

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