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Ways Everyone Can be More Eco-Friendly & Save Money | Ellesse

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This is a video on some simple ways that everyone should adopt if they haven’t already to help and planet and be more environmentally friendly!

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Gymnastics Addict says:

I live on a farm so I give my
Goats Peelings fruit and banana skins!

Natasha Goodwin says:

Love this videos Hun am alway eating leftovers

Earthy Reenz says:

new sub! I really enjoy your videos 🙂

Emilly Soares says:

I love this video and love the colour of your hair too.

Vita's diys & life says:

One of the best videos ever , i love the videos that you talk about health and i am so happy that youre like that! ❤️

Liv Learns Life says:

LOVE this video! Fab tips. ❤️
I've just recently switched to a mostly vegan skincare routine from the brand Skyn so everything isn't full of plastic crap. 👌
What lip product do you have on, babe? Looks lush. 😊

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