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Vivienne Westwood talks eco friendly fashion

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As she accepts an invitation to a Prince of Wales garden party Vivienne Westwood talks about being fashionable and eco friendly.

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Andy Moro says:

Vivienne Westwood talks eco friendly fashion: http://youtu.be/HQaPlyLNNXg

mrsthetruthexists says:

She’s so right , I love her :)

Brittannie James says:

Sunday Fun’day Facts: Slow Fashion is not your typical seasonal fashion
trend, it is a movement that is steadily gaining momentum and is likely
here to stay. Today’s mainstream fashion industry relies on globalised,
mass production where garments are transformed from the design stage to the
retail floor in only a few weeks. But this overconsumption comes with a
hidden price tag to the environment –
Listen NOW to the Queen of Sustainable Fashion Dame Vivienne Westwood
“Making towels look chic and changing your style for less” Vivienne
Westwood talks eco friendly fashion

Mariya Borisova says:
Mare Graphix says:

That dress looks like cut up dish towels. For spirited funky, you can’t
beat Betsey Johnson!

Pudel Wohl says:
milestracy says:


Sabine Bärbel Patjens says:

It´s sooo cool!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

VERALAND Bucharest says:

she’s lovely!!

wommpomm says:

buy less, buy better and how to go out in a towel and still be a dedicated
follower of fashion.

Cristiana Capponi says:

she is simply the best!!”BUY LESS, Choose well”

VERALAND Bucharest says:

very cute for her age, yes. incredible.

MrM1m0MONSTER says:

@lovespinkpolka She actually has. She wore some of her designs in the past.

Generic McName says:

Yeah, you just ventured into “nutcase” territory by mentioning New World
Order. Attending a royal function? I wonder if her title as /DAME/ could
have anything to do with that?

Silvia Ef says:

Hear hear. My nan, RIP, used to do that. you don’t need to wash the whole
garment all the time, it will get ruined too quickly if it’s good quality
material. brilliant reminder Vivienne 🙂

KxDoll says:

truly amazing <3

VERALAND Bucharest says:

Do it yourself, yes. Don’t expect all from the fashion designers. Develop
your own style or else you will look like a sheep even when dressed in
expensive clothes.

nkaneti says:

shes such a lovely woman

Generic McName says:

It’s sad that you seem to be more indoctrinated than me, isn’t it? If
anything, I am just following my own wish to be some kind of useful for
myself before my failing body bites the dust. Also, if Vivienne Westwood is
part of the New World Order you talk about [And I highly doubt since they
don’t exist and she is far too nice of a lady to do anything like that], I
wouldn’t mind to have them around.

jamesemmett1 says:

Her last comment just makes me giggle 🙂

Generic McName says:

Oh, pushed a button there, did I? Losing your temper over text on a screen,
are we? Too easy. I hoped for you to be a better toy to play with.

jo verco says:

@MsPokemonMistress lol yea but she probably doesnt no it but she sort of
already is! haha

Generic McName says:

I don’t think the guy welling “WAKE UP!” and similar terms, sounding like a
religious fanatic in the process makes you look as intelligent and
enlightened as you think you are. And you know what? I couldn’t care less.
I’ll be dead in 30 years. I don’t have to waste my time worrying.

Generic McName says:

Yes, my 54% tax rate is set by the New World Order rather than the people
living here in Denmark. I would expect something as powerful and omnipotent
as that new world bullfuck you are talking about would want a county a
little bigger than Denmark breaking even. But really. We live in a dull
reality. No monsters exist. Only our imagination.

Christy Fearn says:

Agree, do it yourself if you can. Or buy things second hand / in the sales
and alter them. One of my favourite dresses cost me £15. It doesn’t have to
be ‘designer’ or expensive to look good. The other thing – for goodness
sake wear what fits and suits you. Too many people wear things that are
‘fashionable’ they don’t fit or suit them and they look dreadful.

illuminatiOpress says:

anytime you see Purple and red hair, think the abyss and the entities that
hate humanity and want us GONE

Mjölm Hahn says:

Very nice, Vivienne, enjoyed it !

Andy D. says:

Wish she would shut up about the enviroment! So over it, makes me want to
melt a polar ice cap!!

Gazzara says:

so naive

DARKOvibrations says:

Dont respond, he comments on every video he goes on offering to fight
people, but never will, don’t respond to the loser

Loibeloire Hammes says:

love this woman

Generic McName says:

There’s nothing to talk about. When you make a threat of physical violence
against a peaceful person online, it’s the same as mentioning Hitler in a
debate. It’s an instant loss, no matter what. You haven’t given any
arguments for the past five comments while I have been shooting holes in
your online persona. And punching the chronically ill? Isn’t that low? I
mean, I don’t need another person to be in pain. I can just wiggle my
shoulder lightly around until it dislocates.

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