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VANDANA SHIVA: Traditional Knowledge, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living

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An Interview with Dr Vandana Shiva, one of the world’s foremost environmentalist, anti-GM activist and an advocate of ecological farming and sustainable agriculture as a solution to climate change, food security, hunger and peace. The interview was taken on 16th March 2011, during “Grandmonther’s University” a three day course at Navdanya Biodiversity Farm at Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India which Dr. Vandana Shiva founded in 1987 to help save traditional seeds. The farm also undertakes research and training, along with the important role of distributing native seeds to farmers in the region.

Please see the full article at http://www.ecowalkthetalk.com/blog/2011/03/31/vandana-shiva-traditional-knowledge-biodiversity-and-sustainable-living/

The interview was conducted by Geraldine, Emiliano and Bhavani. Bhavani Prakash is the Founder of http://www.ecowalkthetalk.com

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Electric Cars says:
Koen De Jaeger says:
Judith Kingsbury says:

Dr. Vandana Shiva: She is a true heroine and I treasure every word that
comes out of her mouth. In this video, Dr. Shiva answers questions about
the myth of GM, how to feed cities, the shadows of growth and development,
and the role of civil society.
#vandanashiva #gm #howtofeedcities #growthanddevelopment #civilsociety

Ross McKeachie says:
Lydia Travers says:

An Interview with Dr Vandana Shiva, one of the world’s foremost
VANDANA SHIVA: Traditional Knowledge, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living

Dev Devendra says:

May you Succeed !!! =(((0)))=

Lhyon Soularinflux says:

i have critiqued the occidental culture about the truth of their nature and
the cost of their homelands. Bringing anger to them clouding my definition
to them. But beyond what they cannot realise is what happens when they do,
realise, see, and understand, the truth in my perspective on the naturn of
their culture. The steps to be taken in light of that wisdom, they would
need to attone and make culture the currency consider it most important.
not theirs but the ones they have threatened. etc

EcoWALKthetalk says:

Thank you friends for leaving your kind comments. @derekderek it’s a
violation of a fundamental right – farmers have been saving seeds for
thousands of years – it’s only in the last 2 decades that this very right
to life, to biological knowledge has been privatised for profit.

Nata Cit says:

thank you Vandana Shiva for all the action u’ve done to this world. we all
appreciate it. and we all thank you very much 🙂

Sean Deko says:

Watch out for Monsanto or they will destroy your sacred organic native
seeds !!

soulmamma67 says:

You are a wonder Vandana…. the more of your interviews I watch, the more
hope I have for the world. I am amazed that in 1987 I was worried about
getting tickets for my favourite band and only came to the sustainable
living issue in last decade…. and you were saving seeds even back then!
It’s a wonder Monsanto has not hired a hitman on you yet….. . the mother
earth bless you! <3

janice Dewdney says:

Mother Earth herself. She could sort the whole world left to her own
resources. She puts it a;; into understanble words

Peace Trees says:

Cool interview, thanks. She is so ‘on the ball’, especially when it comes
to corporate attempts to control the food we eat.

stellabelle says:

riveting. Great work!

ciarrai hyslop says:

Thank you for making this video… amazing words and insight….

capco777 says:

October 16 World Food Day….Millions Against Montsanto…thank you Dr.
Vandana Shiva for continuing to teach and inspire ….YOU ROCK!!!

Beverly Johnson says:

@derekderek I think so too, they are patented!!!

QueenSemiramis says:

I luv her!

terry m says:


SMG's says:

Love her! She speaks the truth. She is truly an inspiration to me. Why I’ve
changed my habits of living at home & the way I garden, cook, and teach my

singhking jung says:

m n c is plunder of white man,,,monopolising whole world thorough mess

saralovemassage says:

Thank you so much Vandana for all you do for our Sacred Mother Earth! I’m a
part of a sustainable project called One Community (sustainability
nonprofit – org) and I just want to let you know that your video was very
inspiring. What you are doing there is absolutely divine! We have an open
source website forwarding sustainability- if there is anything there you
can use please do!

gopika says:

I hope she is also against vaccinations,especially the insane polio program
in India.Vaccines may actually cause polio & there are over 47 5000 cases
of new “polio like” paralyzes in India since the start of the program but
of course no one wants to admit that these cases are directly linked to the
vaccine… what a corruption everywhere in the world… we are now under
totalitarian medical regime that is also directly linked to synthetic food
industry..vaccines are NON-vegetarian & very toxic!

vivekapply says:

thumbs of vendana shiva, anna hazae, baba ramdev who raised very basic
global questions

caveman861 says:

The problem with Organic food market in India or rather all over the world
is that it is not encouraged enough by our governments. It’s more expensive
and there’s quite a room for government subsidies and without it, it will
continue to be so.

Matt K says:

Unbelievable women… She connects Corporate/WallStreet ATTACK on
seeds/life. Patents and BAD SCIENCE make corporate/wallst Monsanto the
seed/life KILLER. The spectrum of life oozes out of this women.

jhaslam0007 says:

amazing women

calvin227gaia says:

Gaia bless you for all you do 🙂

anibalsagenev says:

I’m going to Navdanya (Dehradun) next October. So looking forward to it

HeyJude601 says:

Brilliant . . . a new Mahatma, I feel, speaking truth to the power of
“economies of theft.” May “the seeds teach us” all.

yolo22 says:

what beautiful work. so encouraging, heartwarming, inspiring. we need more
places like this!

Hari Priya says:

oh, in such case please try to create awareness through social media.

smilingblissgoddess says:

wow she is amazing what a wonderful speech about the sacredness of seeds
and the importance of saving the diversity of seeds before they are
lost…Namaste thank you <3

Hugo Zeilt says:

No salve-providing words or it’s-greater-than-us resignation from her. This
strongly reminds me of Winston Churchill speeching those unforgettable
words: “Never Give In, Never Never Never, In nothing …great or
small..large or petty…except to convictons of honour and good sense”
There is no happiness in these words, or safety, or a promise of happy old
age…but it resounds tremendously within me. Winston has a new name and
her name is Vadana.

mylinky123 says:

What an amazing strong and brave woman!

marumito says:

it’s time we all go back to the traditional way of farming which is pure,
fresh & organic. Love mother Earth! Kill Monsanto! I wonder how China is
Destroying their Agriculture also?

Melchior82 says:

100 Billion Likes ^_^ She looks almost like my late Grand Ma ;^_^;

Tapan Patnaik says:

Great lady with true grit!

EcoWALKthetalk says:

@zxzx191 Thank you for your encouragement. She’s amazing, isn’t she!!

Diego Villarreal says:

thats amazing… i think its actually illegal to save seeds in the US… 🙁

marumito says:

dear madam, Please save our Farmers in the Philippines as well, if you have
time to go there. Much Love & Respect from, a lowly Farmer boy…God Bless

ThouArtThat says:

Vandana Shiva is overflowing with TRUTH, WISDOM, LOVE,and HOPE in this
interview. In every interview. She’s an incredible gift to humanity.

Sam Vekemans says:

@12:37 “Food should be a part of Town planning, every city should have it’s
own foodshed” Brilliant! 🙂

MzProgressive says:

More organic farming – more organic jobs.

MsHermitlady says:

Love this woman’s beliefs, been saving seeds for over 35 yrs now, I have so
many of her beliefs instilled in me, well before I ever heard her, but I am
a kin to her thinking, great woman, keep up the good work Vandana Shiva.

potrebitel3 says:

@derekderek It is not. There are many places that grown and save seeds
(including heirloom). I had the pleasure to meet some of the biggest farms
(at the Green Fest). But it is the USA, where Monsanto started spreading
their policy on punishing people for NOT using their seeds, which VS talks
about as well.

Kitty Wells says:

This is very beautiful wisdom, blessings to the Grandmothers! Biodiversity,
cultural wisdom, protecting the seeds for now and future generations

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