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Using Molasses for Amazing Results in High Intensity Organic Gardening

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How I use molasses for huge success in a high intensity organic garden. It is not too difficult to do and by applying about 1 cup per 10 square feet your garden will thrive and grow stronger than ever because of the microbes.
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David Leoni says:

Question: rabbits ate off the tops of my bush bean plants…. there are still some leaves. Will they recover, or should I pull them? Thx. ( ps. Took steps to deter rabbits)

james1081cc says:

I've heard it said that molasses carbon chain is too big for plants and microorganisms to break down. there are better forms of sucrose and glucose that plants can break down.

Jeb Gardener says:

Thanks for making these great videos! That bed looks perfect for a side by side comparison. Molasses on one side and nothing special on the other?

Darryl Hopper says:

Only problem I encountered doing the same thing…was the 10000000000000000 Ants that came two days after

wi54725 says:

Do you have deer where you are? Does this form of molasses attract deer? With 15-18 deer in our woods on a regular basis, I was wondering if using this product would invite the deer to come trample everything while trying to find the tasty mineral treat.

Diane Rizzi says:

You talk often about good bacteria helping the plants get the nutrition they need. Considering fermentations grow good bacteria, could fermentation drink like kombucha or water kefir be beneficial to the soil if watered down to not be too acidic?

Daphne Rimmel2.0 says:

All good cannabis growers use molasses. Great video!

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four says:

Sustainable Living and you have that MASSIVE all GRASS lawn? It should be covered in ground cover edible plantings … white clover, thyme, etc. I don't see any thing that would attract Bees or Butterflies ….

Alex Didrickson says:

TS in Kentucky

Moe Wilson says:

Who would of thought, molasses? I am looking forward in the next couple of weeks to trying gardening for the first time. I am container gardening tomato and potato but will be trying your high intensity gardening with lettuce. Trying carrots and beets too. Thank you for all these great videos.

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