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Turn Your Yard Into DIY Garden Beds – Organic Gardening 101

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This is a step by step DIY on how to grow food instead of grass by putting in these DIY in ground garden beds. Step by step on putting in a garden, and maintaining it year by year.

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Nevaeh Souza says:

So fun to see how much food can be grown in a yard!  Imagine if everyone had a yard garden!

Sister Kate Shofar Mountain says:

Love the idea and the output.

Heather Reis says:

We just started our first in ground garden. Ours dont look near as good as your though haha. But we'll eventually get there! Very jealous of how yours turned out lol

Will Dwyer says:

What the hell are horse shavings?

Alfredo Moreno says:

Garden looks awesome

SugarCreek Homestead of Tennessee says:


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