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Transitioning into plastic free and sustainable living 🌱

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Hey everyone! This is the first in what will (hopefully) be a series about sustainable living and my journey to being waste/plastic free as much as I can.

Backyard garden credit & the ultimate green thumb, check out my brother Ryan:

Check out these movies: Waste Nation, Biggest Little Farm

Check out these accounts: @simply.living.well and @thezerowasteguide

I have an Amazon page with a bunch of plastic/waste free alternatives that I’m currently using if you’re interested: https://www.amazon.com/shop/erynkrouse

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🌊 Blog: https://erynkrouse.com/blog/
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chloe yahner says:

I really liked what you said about buying clothes that are environmentally and sustainably made! But also its great to buy from thrift and second hand stores! By buying clothes at thrifts you're recycling clothes rather than putting a demand for more clothes to be manufactured and produced:)

Gabby Harber says:

this is amazing. thank you for making this!!πŸ’›πŸŒ±

Marina says:

Amazing!!! Is that the wax wrap made from plant wax? Cause you can get the vegan one =)))) thanks so much for the ideas!

Krista Chan says:

When you decide to plant something new in your garden try and get a plant that is native to the area you live in. This is an easy step and really helps the environment!

Ana Victoria says:

You earned a new subscriber ! 😘

Holly Chapman says:

This is a really great video, love the tips! I have also started a similar lifestyle in the last year and a half. Just one thing I learned is that those bags marketed as bio-degradable like bin bags and dog-poo bags often only decompose under specific conditions and usually when they go to landfill they take just as long to decompose as regular plastic bags because the conditions aren't right. Apparently they need the right temperature and heat conditions which few countries have facilities to provide. Just worth looking in to. I love your health and beauty bento box!!! πŸ˜€

Lola Rose says:

Love thisss πŸ‘πŸŒ±


Love this video! πŸ˜ƒ
Thank you for using your platform to spread awareness about plastic pollution and how to live more sustainable!
I've been so upset to hear about how bad plastic pollution has gotten!
Hopefully we can each do our part (even if it's just a little contribution) to help save the Earth!
My IG is @deanamukai

Mish S says:


TheSkyline75 says:

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I run around a lot, so I have to get food on the run. I've been trying to eat at restaurants that serve food on plates and such instead of just getting fast food and throwing away two pounds of trash.

Elsa Kennedy says:

I would love it if this became a series! Glad you are passionate about this topic

T B says:

Nice garden!

Lily Iler says:

LOOOOOOVVEEEE this!!! I've been trying to use less plastic and be more sustainable and this is so helpful.

Monica Theriault says:

thank you for sharing all of these lovely tips! being more sustainable is definitely a daunting thought for such a consumerism-driven society, but I have faith that we can all do it!! much love xx @monicatheriault

Sofia Welch says:

Loooooove this video Eryn

Caroline S says:

Your zero-waste bento box is so handy and cute, such a great find!! I've been trying to find one like it because I really admire your lifestyle and the steps that you have taken for a plastic-free life. It's super helpful to get your input on products and to hear your ideas on how we can each take these simple steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle <3 instagram: @carolinesaple

HowDoIChangeAnOldProfilePic says:

Absolutely love this video, you motivated me to buy more often from a non plastic shop πŸ’•πŸŒ Save the earth and the turtles!
IG: michellekilledcupid

Indigo Pike says:

Absolutely love this, such an important message! 🌊 πŸƒ @indigo.mae.job

Anna Morehead says:

Thank you this’s so helpful and thoughtful IG: @ anna.morehead

Urizen says:

I follow your videos since I've known you, they always bring a smile to my face. I'm fascinating. Your videos seem brighter and more interesting every time. You bring out the best of us in this video. So thank you. Love your way of life ❀️ @darnellkai

emiko wong says:

@emiko.wong this was so inspiring!!

jenna lynn says:

a change i have made to my household is no plastic water bottles as well. i bought everyone reusable thermoses! ig: @jennachack

Elena Palacios says:

I feel like it's impossible for a person to maintain that… It's way too expensive and it requires a lot of thought and time. I think that before doing all this things we should find a solution for all of those who work making or selling plastic because they need to keep having a job. And I'm not talking about the companies, I'm talking about the employees. Once that is sorted out we will all live a more sustainable life and the planet 🌏 and ocean 🌊 will be smiling.

Alyssa CamuΓ±as says:

you and Lauren Singer are role modes! I’m only 13, but me and my family are cutting down a lot on waste and plastic. now, we use bamboo toothbrushes, bars of soap, metal bottles, zero waste toothpaste, zero waste deodorant, and we compost what we can! we also recycle what we can. πŸ™‚

jessica madruga says:

@jessicaamadruga i love your videos!!

kallickal says:

Woooh!!!! Love the sustainable life! Insta: @kallickalpickle

Ava Pulvermacher says:

I love this video such a strong message and something that I am trying to change in my life to.

Jessica Yu says:

Love that youre a proponent of reduce-use lifestyle (and a fellow gaucho! Ole!) @yessjuu

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