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Tour Our Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Green Home

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The house is finally ready, thanks to the joint efforts of Reclaimed Space and Ecofabulous. Dwell on Design Conference attendees are treated to a personal tour and a shot at taking home the prize as the eBay auction begins.


Ashley Casey says:

Extremely expensive. It no wonder “going-green” can be a big turn off for
many. It looks to be for the upper middle class and the (dare i say it)
‘white people’. For anyone being curious and eco-conscious there are a slew
of more financially humble, feasible and simple alternatives, than this.
Reply to me if you want to know. ´╗┐

omar pena says:

Hummers rule´╗┐

blowupuate13 says:

You guys do know that for decades the united states has had the most strict
laws in the whole world regarding the environment.

olai2000 says:


InnovativeHomeCncpts says:

I agree with others, looks extremely expensive. Why does green have to cost
so much?

Josh's House says:

Hi there…it’s great that so many people are woking on sustainable home
design…nice one…come and check out our sustainable home project in
Australia demonstrating affordable and achievable high end solar passive

Bohemian Wrecks says:

Looks real expensive!!!! Eco-fun for the rich? Small is cool, I guess the
small size may off-set the high priced goodies

milkdudsyum says:

She’s so annoying!!!

MAJE2TY says:


imfreeareyou says:

That Green Home looks Great…

misskilakilastar says:

Great concepts!

Eddy Brockner says:

Total price?

ScopedOUT2 says:

Only for the rich

drumpoltergeist says:

whats the name of the song at the beginning? it’s so nice

abdul aziz says:

good job

SarahCookeFilms says:

4:47 Is her thumb bent backwards?!

Benjamin T says:

It does look expensive, but sustainable doesn’t have to mean a big price
tag. There are many things you can do on your own or have contractors do
that are relatively cheap, you just have to decide what you want to focus
on and research it.

nappyslayer says:

how much?

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