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Toronto Green Living Show

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We visit the Green Living Show in Toronto Ontario

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R says:

I have to say the remote seems a little gimmicky.

tubetop123 says:

Thanks for doing this. Saved me from going to it!

A_A_Ron_Belake says:

I want to build a Passive Home so bad….one day…

A_A_Ron_Belake says:

Those panels are super cool. They are also super expensive…

Cell Phone says:

Always disappointed. Green Living to me means replacing the current energy dependant habits and stuff I currently have and use with habits and stuff that use less. Ok, the electric vehicles will drive up my electricity usage but that's in exchange for less oil consumption. Electric bikes are ok but I would have wanted to see more bicycle accessories to make common bike commuting more safe from cars-like rear proximity alarms that will alert cars behind you that they are too close. Or bicycle horns that actually sound like car horns. That will get more people out of their cars especially those who live less than 10km from work. Would have liked to see advancements of rechargeable drycells and advancement to recharge them – like hand or foot cranked chargers or bicycle mounted battery chargers. A few years ago, I saw a knapsack that charged batteries as the wearer walked. In the same show I saw a compact manually powered clothes washer. Too much health food and health products. I don't see the relationship between health food products and energy efficiency or reducing carbon footprint. Organic food claims should list their criteria. I don't like seeing alternate or varieties of water. One year I saw some vendors selling tetrapacks of water delivery. And then another vendor selling carbonization equipment for tap water. There should be more contractors helping with home insulation and window upgrades. Also would have liked to see energy consultants help with solar panel questions like feeding into the grid to reverse your power meter during very high solar irradiation days. Energy consultants should be there for public education about carbon tax and other incentives to change our energy consumption behaviour. Would have liked someone to propose a Made-in-Canada Solution I heard the opposition to Kyoto Protocol said they wanted 21 years ago. Vendors who are there should be able to explain why or how their product reduces your carbon footprint or energy consumption.

Tim Ryan says:

Nice seeing your wife she seems not scared by camera. Also thanks for shout out that u have lots of USA viewers. Keep up good work

Jay Pase says:

Those nanoleaf panels are right out of a Star Trek set – I love it !

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Great Musiccccc
I should call u Dj 3

John Glennie says:

I'd let you drive my Model 3 once I get it, but after watching you drive, I'll have to reconsider.

finn elvers says:

Thought it was a bit boring

Zoltan Kakuk says:

Dat shiny black Ioniq Electric front! <3

Mithinco says:

Looks like a green future! Hope to see it happen soon.

Jennifer says:

lol cool! Thanks for the insight. You do love your toys 😛

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Philadelphia Pa

Jon Hastilow says:

Hi Trev, you and Ken should make a new channel for EV Revolution 🙂

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