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Top 5 Organic Gardening Essentials | How To Have A Thriving Garden

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CampK9DayCare says:

thank you so much, only today i was struggling with what to choose to help growth… now i know what im going to try. love you guys x

Rochelle Roos says:

Great Information. As a first time gardener, I have been researching some of these things. Thanks for the help.

Jacqueline Wells says:

Great info guy's. So helpful. How often should you put the Neem oil on??

Victoria Delaughter says:

Thanks so much!

Laura Sparkman says:

I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for a couple days of sunshine so I'll NEED to start watering! (I want to try that fish gut stuff!)

Chris Michelle Hall says:

I found the fish mixture but a different brand. I already put that on the plants. I found it at Wal-Mart. When do u normally can tell u have to put more on? I just found the oil product at Tractor Supply but getting home so late that I couldn't get to my garden last nite. So what do u think is the best time or notice when u need to reply the oil? I luv mint and it wouldn't bother me to have them surrounding my whole garden. I used bone meal and I forgot the other meal I use to mix in my soil. But I can say this about the fish mixture, I sprayed all my crops and one type of peas jumped twice its size in jus a couple of days. I did put some Miracle Grow mixed up in my sparyer and fed all my crops this moring. Maybe with everyone of u I watch on YouTube channels I can have a better season this year so I can start canning. We were late getting started due to life and weather.

James Long says:

How often do you feed your plants? And how soon after they are established after transplant/germination from direct sowing do you start to feed them?

Beth y Durbin says:

Great info. Just bought jobes last wk. Trying it out! Hugs

SweetFaceMoo Homestead says:

So glad to see number 4! I just bought a bag. 💚 Love you guys. ❤️❤️❤️ I watch everyday.

Cheryl Hirsch DIY Fun says:

Good information thanks for sharing.

She's Gone Country Farms says:

What brand of neem oil do you suggest ?

Cat3r Grl says:

Can you use neem oil on greens you want to eat or on cabbage?


Do you know if it has to be Dawn dish soap or can I use my organic dish soap?

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