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Tips on Living ‘Green’ : “Green” Cleaning

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Watch as a pair of conservation experts discusses the topic of “green” cleaning in this free online video about environmentalism.

Expert: Nili Nathan
Contact: earth911.org
Bio: Nili Nathan, host of “Great Healing Getaways”, is the creator of a television series and Web site on holistic health, where she researches, writes, and reports.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


Wise West Cleaning Services says:

Tips for Green Living #greencleaning #perth #cleaning 

unicyclist0 says:

….. she just threw away all of those chemicals.. into her trash… i
would think that cant be that good….. and who keeps pipets around the
house? and why do the extract oils.. look like they are in chemistry style
bottles… where does one find those on a regular basis….

bettydaw1970 says:

i had a bad deviated septum, and concha bollasa thatcaused constant sinus
infection..swimming in a “chlorine”pool killed the infection every time,i
foundout by accident…btw ihadsurgeryonit andidont get

matthewmcewan says:

ok first no 1 likes u u kinda lecture too much so if no 1 likes u how will
u possibly get them to stop buying all this shit exactly u need to like
change ur style……well i was gonna say a little bit but u need alot of

margowolfenbarger says:

Thank you for posting your video for all to see.

TheDorkVariety says:

I’m not sure but Seventh Generation and Caldrea are really, really good.
That one looks like seventh generation, I can almost guarantee it.

DarkRevoultion says:

next million years?? I’d focus on the next 10 – 20 years… or the next 4
years… mayan prophecy might come true..

NickGeving says:

ok, mayan prophecy? good luck with that… and plus it’s just a natural
phenomenon, like el nino, ever heard of it?

Sezgin Mustafa says:

Is Green Living Expensive? The importance of being good to the environment
is one that is often balanced against the expense. Many families,
especially in the current financial climate, will find that they can afford
either food or principles, and in such a situation the latter is always
going to lose out. However, the truth is that you can be green and live
affordably if you know how, although you may not be able to do everything
that someone with more disposable income might.

2008GetBig says:

I bet she thinks vaccines are a bad idea too. Vinegar belongs on my salad,
not in my laundry. lol Whats ironic is most of the people i know who have
“Gone Green” are usually the ones who take days off from work because
they’re sick.

DarkRevoultion says:

nobody would.. cuz u don’t have one!

mlbbeb3 says:

Thanks for your info , my son has bad allergies and I wasnt aware I could
use natural dried flowers for frangrance

j25482 says:

I always insist on taking containers as you said. The video is really
useful. Also, to find a wide range of green products go to, “for a green
living (dot) com”.

rudedogii says:

Chlorine? Do you mean we shouldnt drink from the local tap? Most city water
systems in the USA are treated with Chlorine, as are most swimming pools.
As far as styraform containers being around forever. Every thing on this
planet will be around forever! The only way for something not to be around
forever is to send it to outer space.


Great Video Good Information Go GREEN!

Boss31397 says:

its called Lysol lady DID YOU NOT GET THAT ITS KILLS 99.9% OF GERMS, or is
killing germs wrong to?

2WAYFM says:

Type TOXIC BABIES into youtube search for more good stuff like this video
specific for your babies.


Great video’s I subscribed to your channel right away check mine out as
well green information and news featured! Great job

alvinocum123 says:

eco freak

Mantvis says:

like we care!! this is youtube..

jmoctar says:

And the best way to get rid of the chemical cleaners – if you have them –
is to use them. Don’t just throw them in the garbage, as the speaker
demonstrated (for dramatic effect, I’m sure).

CrystalCifer says:

oh go to hell LIVE DIRTY

Baseball Videos says:

by all means throw all those dangerous household chemicals in the trash.
Maybe we just don’t buy anymore next time, but I don’t think we throw them
in a land fill.

Max Maids says:

Not Necessarily throw them away. You can use them up, give them away, then
recycle the bottle. But choosing to not buy them again is a good idea.

tuddyfruity4 says:

what she didn’t mention was that she was referring to White Distilled
Vinegar. She should have said that, but you would never use White Distilled
Vinegar on your salad. There are several types of vinegar.

luckie257 says:

When replacing your cleaning products, dont just throw the old ones in the
trash. If they’re too toxic for your home, they wont be good for the drain
or the landfill either. Many communities hold toxics & electronics
recycling days and will take all of these off your hands. Throwing
chemicals in the trash or down the drain means they might end up back in
your water supply and come back to haunt you

misskissypoo says:

Have you checked out what all that makeup you have on is made of? Do you
make sure it isn’t tested on animals and full of crazy chemicals. What type
of plant is it produced in? Same with your appliances and counters.

Devin Radloff says:

hmm is it me or is buying all those natural essential oils and vinegar in
relatively small plastic bottles that you will invariably throw away or
recycle still green? if you are going to use the stuff at least buy in bulk
doesn’t matter if its pretty to save the environment right?

NickGeving says:

fucking economists…

van1976 says:

1x vinegar plus 1x HYDROGEN PEROXIDE equals 100x powerful strenth household

Regina Rowley says:

@2008GetBig Getting sick is due to weakened immune systems, for various
reasons. “Green” and non-green, people get sick. I consider myself green,
but don’t get sick and I have friends, “green” and non-green that get sick.
May we all be open to new ideas. : )

Live442 says:

love your attitude

Nick Becker says:

Chlorine is an element found in naturally in nature!

OrganicallyGrwnGroup says:

Thanks for the tips! Making changes in day to day activities like cleaning,
and therefore the cleaning products we use, can make a big difference. One
“green” issue many are unaware of is organic cotton. Cotton is the world’s
2nd dirtiest crop and consumes 456 million lbs of pesticides every year! If
you are interested in learning more, please watch our video Why Organic
Cotton? Thanks again for the informative video.

matthewmcewan says:

wow would be the most popular video on youtube great idea she would be
perfect for the part lol

NickGeving says:

because the environment is not going to even get “hurt” in the next million

Annie Schiffmann says:

Love this! A great no-brainer green cleaner that I love is Thieves Cleaner
from Young Living. I used to DIY all of my cleaners, but since having my
little girl, time is short. This is much easier for me.

CaptainClearH2O says:

suck it

DarkRevoultion says:

I wonder why you don’t care….

JesusIs Lord says:

I try to live as green as I can. My family is very green deficient. They
always buy all this unhealthy, artificial food and never turn off the power
strips and always leave the light on in a room they aren’t in. AHH! I don’t
want to tell them how to live but this is ridiculous.

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