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Tiny House & Community/Green Living Spaces

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About a year ago, in Ellijay, Georgia I made a video about a highly efficient tiny house that was under construction. Recently, I visited the tiny house to see how it turned out after it had been completed. While there, I found out that the builder was planning to create a tiny house community that would form neighborhoods according to the owner’s interests. They also plan to use container homes and Amish style homes. greenliving spaces.com 706 503 1600

I am an organic gardener. I use the Back to Eden gardening style and am interested in becoming more self-sufficient. I have a homestead in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia where I will be moving shortly. Join me in my crazy gardening adventures.


Paul Pritchard says:

I have seen this I live 20min from Ellijay (grew up on Big Creek road), GREAT Info.   Paul & Susan North Georgia

Heather Toro says:

can you please give me a website for the builder?

Sueseajoy says:

Could you please provide a link to the website detailing the current building codes in your area as it relates to minimum square footage?

Daphne Fowler says:

I like the concept of one to two acres–so long as the community keeps it up.  I do not want to do lawnwork.  Light gardening only!

Caren Burmeister says:

Thanks for your video. I'm so happy that tiny homes like these are legal in Ellijay! That's half the battle right there. Hope to come up this fall and check them out.

KIM What Kelly Say's says:

?⭐watch &like nice video my friend cheers ☕?☕?

CrazyCroppingChick says:

Why the music ?? Can't hear what your talking about…weird.

F Brewer says:

Thanks for the video, my wife and I drove up to Ellijay last weekend to see these homes in person. This house was much more spacious then we imagined and a great price too.

Diet Pie Diaries says:

Where can I go to buy this?

Federica Filannino says:

ottimo lavoro complimenti ne approfitto per farti gli auguri per la festa della donna 🙂

Peachyheart Georgia says:

would be nice if you would lose the music so we could hear this better.

DrgnFlys says:

" For the amount you pay for an apartment you could have a house like this on one to two acres." Doesn't sound like your living in America, or that you have realistic knowledge of how much property, utility set up, and permitting costs, not to mention the job market, unless you are not in need of a job. The biggest issues with the tiny home setup. 1) buying the land 2) finding affordable land near a larger city where you can locate a job, good luck with that. 3) getting a building permit for a living space that is under 1000 sq ft, many codes require at least 1000 sq ft. 4) sewage-that is one big can-o-worms in some areas, we won't even discuss utility hook up, which can cost over 50,000$ in some areas. I would love to see more tiny homes in America, unfortunately many areas have some very unreasonable and very restrictive rules and regulations that are supposedly for our safety, these rules completely stop this type of innovative and progressive thinking.

nery colon 1 says:

Beautiful home. Really nice.

Don Wilson says:

Hi Paula, I really like the way they tied several structures into each other by connecting them with a large deck space. To me this is crucial because that way it draws the people to live out doors. Elevated deck space as well as pathways to other locations on the property allow people to tread lightly across areas that may be tender. This can create wonderful landscapes and garden possibilities as well. This is also a great way to use reclaimed wood. Great video Paula!

Bring Back The Farm says:

what a cool idea

southernmost homesteader says:

I like the interior seems like a great idea.

amanda sue says:

We bought our fixer upper for $44,000, eight years ago. It's about 1000 square feet, three bedrooms, one and a half baths on a little over an acre of property. We previously had a 14 by 70 tin box (mobile home). Tiny houses are wonderful for downsizing or just starting out, I would not recommend them for growing families. I like our small house, the utilities are low and country living is wonderful. Very informative Paula, nicely done. 🙂

The Abled Gardener says:

I love tiny homes/trailers and have been watching these shows for months now, mostly just to see the designs and what they are putting in them for storage, décor and best use of space. There are quite a few of these shows on TV. I would have to do a lot of downsizing to fit in a tiny home, LOL, but I think the place where you were has a great idea of having people live together in areas where they have the same interests. Wouldn't it be great to live in a community where everyone loves to garden on their 1 acre lot? That was a great video Paula, thanks for showing us what's available out there besides living in a small apartment. XOXO

Chattahoochee National Forest Living says:

Drove by this place the other day, didn't have time to stop by so thanks for sharing a close up! I have a small home (not tiny) already, but if I hadn't bought it a couple of years ago I might have considered something like this. Small = easy to care for as well as "green living." Nicer looking than many of the mobile homes too.

thebossoftheswamp says:

I like the bluestained pine that he used.  Looks a lot like what I used in my cabin. Lots of character to it.  Happy new year Paula. Cheers 🙂

swany says:

nice house…personally i think that bedroom is too large for a small house..considering the little amount of time in a bedroom…in relation to the living room or cooking…perhaps they could have put in a big walk in closet/pantry/storage area instead of such a wide bedroom…or just made the living room area bigger…but yes the community aspect and larger lot…2 acres ( which by the way up here in Stratford,ontario canada… would cost more like $160K )…gives privacy…distance …and enough land to grow a mini forest ( wood heat/cooking ) and large garden for a more self sustainable existence

Robotic Allotment Gardener says:

Hello Paula, thankyou for taking the time to show everyone this option for people to live in. Happy New year to you and your family.

? Happily watching

Kevin Bradley Gardening and Outdoors says:

Thanks for the update, best wishes for 2016, Happy New Year Paula.

navajopa31 says:

Paula: Imagination and dreams all that is needed to think outside the box! The biggest obstacle to this idea are building codes, except in rural areas. From a county government standpoint the infrastructure cost for a community of 1 to 2 acre lots with $20,000 homes is hard to justify against the taxes that a more expensive home would generate over the long term. The pendulum seems to be swinging away from huge homes built in the 1980's and 90's to a more practical sized home. We have friends who built these large homes and now they live in apartments. Two of them had homes that required 5 different AC units just to keep them cool in the summer. My bride and I could not believe how much they were paying each month just for heat and cooling. Almost Happy New Year time! One more year that went by too quickly!! Bernard

Virginia McJunkin says:

Really great Paula ! I could live in a tiny house !! 🙂 Happy new Year !

Life in Farmland says:

Pretty interesting. You often hear these being built on trailers to get around zoning laws. Build a shared community garden could offer up a lot. It is amazing some of the engineering that goes behind some of these to use every square inch. Thanks for sharing!

Aaron's allotment says:

What I heard was its about building communities and not just homes. There are so many developers in the UK who need to hear that. Great video Paula. 🙂

CrawfishParish says:

Looks fantastic! Happy new year..

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