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This Town’s Got a Lot to Offer in Sustainable Living

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On my way back to Missouri I stopped in Berea, KY to visit a former rabbit, April. I was hoping to see Ziggy too, but he was working out of town. April and Hazel, April and Ziggy’s infant child, took me on a tour of the town and exploring some of the natural beauty of spring in Appalachia. Berea has a lot to offer, such as no building codes in rural areas, a local foods movement, many little homesteading hamlets, a thriving arts scene, and a cool progressive college. It’s definitely a place I would consider if I ever decided to leave DR. I give you a little taste of it in this video.

Check out Ziggy’s blog if you don’t already know it. They also host natural building workshops:

And don’t forget to like Hardcore Sustainable’s facebook page:


ReallyOrganic says:

Awesome! Is the food at the college organic?

Mary Rock says:

I I really enjoyed the people in KY and April, Ziggy, Pug and Hazel. We were all so welcomed there. I would google year of mud workshops if you want to learn about the natural building workshops they offer. I didn't know how to do any building before I went. It was a good time.

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