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These Eco-Friendly INVENTIONS will totally amaze you!!

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You won’t believe these amazing inventions.
These inventions are on another level….

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Smart Sunflower solar


Shade Balls

Wind Tree

Rapid Roll

Ecos Powercube






Colin Campbell says:

Yes these Shade Balls remind me of a daft idea I come across back in 1990, I used to do copper plating of computer circuit board tracks using a big tank of water and acid and copper pellets and some smooth talking con man talked to our boss telling about this new idea to cut down on the wasted heat and evaporation of liquids from the big plating tank by pouring loads of small plastic clear balls like a tiny version of those shade balls onto the surface so we kept in more heat and the balls would let me lift out the racks of boards to put them onto the next cleaning tank? Total waste of time then and now. The small balls then just collected acid and copper waste and scratched the circuit lines? Seems 29 years later some other fool is trying the same useless idea but bigger this time?

GrassPossum says:

This is VOMIT which has been made into a video.

GrassPossum says:

People, NOT ONE IDEA PRSENTED HERE CANNOT BE SEEN IN VASTLY MORE EFFICIENT ARRANGEMENTS ON OTHER YOUTUBE VIDEOS. MOST IF NOT ALL THOSE BEHIND THE RELEVANT 'INVENTIONS' ARE ARSE GRABBERS. TOTALY FULL OF SHIT. Fall for it at your own peril you silly monkeys. Nothing on this vid worth the time invested in clicking on it nd I have never been so insulted by any Youtube "Reccomendation" until this day. I PUKE down the throats of the scumbags who made this preposterous and totally fraudulent video..

GrassPossum says:

7:40. How could any educated person belivee in this nonsense? 8:50…WTF? THIS IS YOUR BIG INVENTION? TOTAL CRAP! How about an efficient and econonomical outflow you absolute frauds!!!

GrassPossum says:

You combine some of the most stupid, shortsighted garbage with a a few clever ideas. this video is very dissapointing and just more clickbait bullshit.

GrassPossum says:

2:40….but why? Plants don't grow overnight. Compost which takes a few weeks to months to develop is part of the natural cycle. WTF is this crap?


I hope Bill shorten is watching this ,money makes free money…Rick

UniquelyDezined - Artist Kathy Coulson Prough says:

Unskilled workers? Really I hope this is a typo otherwise your very honest ….@ 10:25

Troels Maaløe says:

Oh, wow… it's INVENTIONS. But what if it was just IDEAS or maybe even THOUGHTS

Paddy Cooper says:

Im just too totally amazed

Marco Colonna says:

In the rest of the world this, and in Italy the +1 BAR in the city, OMG

Fung Chi Leung says:

Good ideas , Good designs, good ingredient for more thinking ! Thanks for sharing

Jason McKain says:

Most are garbage science or just not reasonable (laying solar panels flat?). also don't fall your own turbine thingy you'll be turned into sausage meat.

Ovidiu Ciuparu says:

7:00 why not white plastic balls?

Colin Hartley says:

why wouldn't they make the shades balls silver and reflective rather than black that absorbs sunlight?

A S says:

O que mais eles sabem fazer ? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Tanja & Oli 4 Ever says:

The Sea Bin is a good invention but i don't understand about this blake balls on the water… What is it ? Like this ball for kind to play !!!

SuperNinja CAE says:

2:00 wow good for my home

йцуке ячсмит says:


leebog31 says:

The black balls represent migrant caravans heading into sanctuary cities.

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