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The Three “R”s Of Sustainable Living

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Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle is the number one “mantra”, or saying here at the Eco-Ranch Sustainable Living Center! I I discuss these while showing some of the ways we practice this here, in one of the first teaching videos from the Eco-Ranch Sustainable Living Educational Center!


Billy Erivn says:

Robert your router broke and asked if anyone would donate one.glad to see you did get a new one but you made no mention of who helped make that happen,just curious and sorry I couldn’t help at the time.

abedabun dawn says:

The old saying is….. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

beach life , out west custom projects says:

My cat has the same story bud , left behind , she is 4 fixed , sweet cat now , iv watched every vid you had made bud , love the 3 rs , I build things out of older lumber to

Poor Man 1 says:


Rita Richardson says:

Fantastic dog. Glad you have him. Bless you.

Rick Granger says:

Eco-Ranch Sustainable Living Education Center….¨In Far West Texas!¨ by golly!!! Thanks for the Videos…

duncanmarlow says:

"27 is long in the tooth to start a career", nonsense!

Michael Thornton says:

Just before watching the video, I made use of the re-purpose part of the 3 R's, took some old wood fence slats and made a stand for the three trash cans I re-purposed for gathering rain water, I agree with those 3, thank you for spreading the mantra 🙂

Ruben Fletcher says:

You almost nailed it my friend!!! I was actually in the Army. Light Infantry/Special Operations for five years and as a Apache Attack Helicopter repairer and Technical Inspector. W,2wx<`,w,xwww h wr. That's Timber saying "Hello!" She's happy in home. And now I'm a DOD Civilian. But anyways. I'm home. Drive was uneventful, thankfully. And thanks again for letting me decompress. I needed it. Take care Robert.

Tracy James Tavares says:

Seeing waste on record high kills me .  Why anyone would not want to make the world better 4 tomorrows children is past me .     Ive yet to see apple used in load bearing construction , my concern would be long term wood bore insects .   They have a " Chiper Chain " 4 saws that make cross cuts better , but if ya sharpin yr chain w/ less of an angle it helps as well .   Thanx 4 another great Vid. an story

offpher J says:

Good words to live by……. Thanks for posting.

RJParker says:

I know you must have answered this before but why the long sleeve shirts in 100 degree heat?

thomas howard says:

Thank you so much Robert Earl for all that you are doing to teach people how to be sustainable and quit being so throw away instead of reuse, repurpose and recycle. When we get down to our property that is exactly what we will be doing , not that we are not doing it now , but we will just keep doing it.

eastcoastadventurous says:

This summer has been very hot in most of North America climate change is happening.

CAJUN Jamis says:

REUSE REPURPOSE RECYCLE !!! Got it Robert, thanks for the video!
I had a friend who had a business selling things to reuse, on his business card was:
"Your TRASH is my TREASURE" ! Take care, Cajun

J G says:

This guy is just plain awesome

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