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The Teen Whose Family Can’t Afford To Buy Food: Professor Green Living in Poverty

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In Britain today one in four children grows up in poverty. Rapper turned documentary maker Professor Green (aka Stephen Manderson) has done well, but he grew up in a home where there was a lot of stress over money.

Here, Professor Green follows the story of 14-year-old Tyler, who has been living in cramped emergency accommodation for 18 months.

You can watch the full documentary on the BBC Three iPlayer page here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p059b6sp/professor-green-living-in-poverty

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CoRpZ_EM says:

Can’t believe that one boy has a ermani top with a Gucci jacket😂

Zd Zd says:

With brexit around the corner. It’s going to get worse.

Radu Miron says:

so they have no money for food but they have jordans and huarache on.

FinanzFerdinand says:

Cant feed em, don't breed em

Twitch VhydraZz says:

He’s got an Armani shirt though

red 91 says:

Don't have a relationship with men who aren't suitable and especially have lots of children out of we'd loxj. Get the best grades in school one can get. Simple. This woman's life choices have led directly to her downfall. And it's not up to the taxpayer and the government to pick her back up. She has to fix her problems her self. For starters she definitely isn't going hungry I bet she smokes like a trooper and any money she does get blows it on shit cheap food, cigarettes and expensive clothes for her father less children.


thekimiochi says:

He's a smart kid.

Sway Chester says:

And we paying for royal wedding 🤔

9 0 says:

Daamn reporter flexing his Canada Goose 🔥🔥

William Morrison says:

So the host guy is talking about how pout the guy next to him when he is flexin on us all with his Canada goose coat

Eida Alfalahi says:

But why is he wearing Giorgio Armani

Ric Owens says:

Sad for them but I knew she was with a Black dude cause of the way she looks. 🤔

Maaza Lean says:

And you wonder why young people start selling drugs and hustling

SchutzeAmon says:

Britain ceased to be a great power like a century ago bruh

JL898YT says:

Yet he has Gucci jumpers and designer tops

Im BZRK says:

The chicken connoisseur?

Lydvia MSP says:

I Have to say it. black men NEED to be more serious about their relationships. Not all black men are unserious, but a good percentage are.

Brandon Brawley says:

So the mothers severely overweight, simple biology states that in order to get bigger you must consume more calories than you burn, aka she's over eating even though she claims she only has £80 for food for two weeks. Secondly, the boys are 14 and 15, their circumstances do seem desperate so why not get a job? That young kid was talking about possibly becoming a dealer because "he wants to give his mum that £100 to go food shopping", why not just go out and grind like an ambitious 14 year old would, by getting a part time job. Maybe he can't get an actual contracted job until he's 16 but he can still go out and hustle, clean cars, dog walking, anything. The mum has depression and chronic back pain so is unable to work? Yeh ok maybe she wouldn't do great at a building sight putting scaffolding up, but as a receptionist or at a call centre? I am privileged that i grew up in circumstances different to this and I recognise that, and obviously can't relate to these people, but I feel like sitting there just complaining about how desperate your circumstances are doesn't help you, your family, or the economy.

james mataira-kaiwai says:

Got a account for this guy or address would like to help

Itz. Koli says:



Dem boys should start trapping

Fatima Bilqis says:

not to be rude but the older brother wearing gucci lao

David William says:

Feels good to live in West Brompton London😊 (Hehe fuckin peasant's)

David William says:

I've never felt poor since my dad is a CEO of a major company in my city, however, I think that wealth is self-made and if these moms especially would close not to open their legs, and get stable income before they get kids this wouldn't be an issue.

Darnit Productions says:

drinking game
take a shot every time you hear the word 'like'

DontShootMeKid says:

I feel bad for those lads

AkaKaden says:

wtf the kid has a armani shirt

HN YS says:

It's not the children's fault and it's not the mothers fault.

It's the coward fathers fault

AntiDazz says:

hes poor but he's wearing EA

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