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The Secret Reason Sustainable Living Is Now Illegal – MOC #294

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Many states are cracking down on sustainable off-the-grid living. They generally come up with ridiculous laws to justify it. However, there is a much larger, deeper reason as to why these communities are being stopped.
1) Music by Chris Sagan. Get more here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ50Z0sQBPg
2) Video on the raid on the Garden of Eden – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZD3tr4rcoo
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Brenda Schouten-Beckett says:
ne1cup says:

everyone needs to earn a pension first….or a big nest egg.

Brian Smith says:
michbushi says:

Yeah that is hilarious, Lee, you were actually able to spin such a BLATANT
state overreach, into anti-capitalist, anti-corporate shtick!! Man that is
impressive – if not for being very reasonable, BUT, you are very consistent
in your message, lol! I guess it was Mac Donald & Wallmart’s SWAT teams,,
who have tresspassed on those poor feckers, and looted through their
belongings to check if they are eating in accordance with their happy meals
policy, and shopping at their local mall?

I mean, seriously, Lee? How the feck can you square that circle, without
splitting your brain in two? 

jarviss69 says:

Also, I would fucking love to live off the grid.

Mikko Niemelä says:

Sustainable living requires cutting of chains off from corporatocracy, too
bad so few have the balls for it.

facereplacer says:

I was curious to see where you’d go with this. Too bad it’s just socialist
drivel. The real reason sustainable living is illegal is because it proves
we don’t need a government. Yes, profits are a part of it, but you’d have
to be a fool to think politicians accepted a nonprofit, public service job.
#Anarchy, Mr. Camp. It’s the only answer.

David Kokua says:

It is *illegal* to support yourself *without* government help/monitoring,
tracking and scrutiny.

Turn_off_TV says:

This society only thrives because of conformity (by force). Conformity is
at the very core of the indoctrination center known as “school.” If you
can’t sit still/pay attention long enough to be indoctrinated, then a good
ol’ dose of speed will fix you and get you back in line. Next, you take
these “facts” along with you to enter their “workforce” for 20 to 30 years.
Questioning these “facts” is strictly forbidden. You die. Rinse and repeat.

trajan74 says:

But…But…But Texas. Free markets. Limited government. Baby Jesus. 

FarFromEquilibrium says:

Those who reject the neo-liberal , multicult , corporatist, multinational
oligarchy of post-modernity, by associating freely and disconnecting from
the control gird, must be regarded as dangerous sovereign citizens,
extremists , racists and other sorts of heretics and un-persons, and must
be forced to submit to the casino gulag their overlords of the have
designed for them, or face the inquisition. Now an official message :
Oceana has intensified the war against Eurasia. You love big brother. See
your television for updates and instructions. Ignorance is strength. War is
peace. Freedom is slavery.

jacquelyn diamond says:

I am surrounded by blind people who still have their sight, but see nothing
wrong with our govt.!! They think I’m a a conspiracy theorist – but this is
no theory, it’s 100% reality!

Lazy P Ranch says:
David Kokua says:

The last minute is *IMPORTANT* and *TRUE* and needs to be *PREPARED FOR!*
One way is by doing what he is doing but another is a tool I will be
releasing very soon.
You *MUST* retain *YOUR OWN* “customer lsits” or “subscribers” and do so *WITHOUT
My tool/service will do both for you.
Let me know if you have any sort of customer list or subscriber list that
you would like to secure in case the third party (facebook, youtube, g+,
twitter, etc) were to say “ummm… too bad for you!”.) that you know you
should maintain in-house or backup in a usable way.

Ellim Sluouf says:
Jeanette Beardow says:

Is he on any drugs, looks like he is. I always thought that the USA was
bonkers…. In the uk they dont have a problem with you growing your own
food or saving your rain water.
It would be nice to grow your own stuff and to be independent from the big
boys. Why not?? Not like your growing canabis is it !!
We need to have a garden off eden, maybe we all would slow down if we did. 

Moe Lipps says:

The Secret Reason Sustainable Living Is Now Illegal – MOC #294

Tayo39 says:

bad examples..well said.

dats why they slap the “crazy dictators, despots, populists” etc with
sanctions, embargos too, just tobe able point the finger and say “look,
that socialist shiets not working, and they got deathcamps, and missiles
cuz they are jealous of our democracy, they hate our freedom, so thats why
we announce today that our defense-budget will increase by 40% next year”

shwing !!!

lsk464 says:

Remember, no good deed should go unpunished
And, nice jab to YouTube about there Nazi account deletions

Juice Slayer says:

My thought was blowing up a coffee culture on a Saturday morning when it’s
packed with hipsters. 

madebutante says:

Agenda 21! is the reason! Control!!

Voidsworn says:

Wow, this is bullshit. I live in PA and have been researching/planning in
order to build a tiny home (or at least retrofit a nice little trailer to
provide my own utilities, except internet, of course) for myself and
girlfriend. Solar panels, rocket stoves, stirling engines, rain capture,
composting, etc JUST so I can live comfortably on less and not have to keep
throwing money at people who do not have our interests nor happiness in
mind. All I seem to hear is “personal responsibility” and “independence”
but see the opposite being enforced.

fujisaii says:

Deleted! What are you some wako conspiracy nut? That stuff only happens to
bad people, and in the movies and other silly fiction.

TruthBender says:

Why does the government just come out and say it “your not allowed to grow
your own fucking food! Not allowed to produce your own fucking energy, your
only allowed to buy shit produced by the greedy freedom stealing earth
poisoning evil corporations”

They want to fucking run an oppressive corporate dictator ship, well just
admit it, at least Hitler admitted it so people knew what to expect!

patmac573 says:

The NAZI’s did not lose WW2 they just moved! look it up!

b0ondockz says:

Love the way you present information. Extremely well said. Subbed.

Borris Morris says:

You know you are objectionable material, when you likes counter is higher
than your views. Courage is contagious, and if people see that others are
watching such crap like this (Ruling elites view) others might watch also,
and start to think for themselves. You know since billions watched gangnam
style, just because everyone else did, and lost brain cells doing it.
Notice how many times the media tells people how many views something they
want you to see has on Youtube. People feel like they are missing out if
they don;t see it. And then they are hooked into the brain numbing
practices of following the leader. 

Jeff Devine says:

You are moderately neato, man 🙂 Keep up the good work!

Anthony PhantomNuker says:

Great points, is it just me though or does Lee sound like he’s putting on
an unnecessary accent? lol

Kat G says:

Witches dick haha. This is spot on. I lived in NJ at one time and the city
was having a discussion on making it illegal to grow certain herbs in the
garden like Chamomile. I was around the same time they were trying to make
it illegal to sell vitamins because people were misusing them. It’s illegal
to feed the poor, I mean come on! My 15 yr old just got done reading the
Hunger Games she asked me if that could happen. I told her not if we stop
it. @TheSparkDoc#WaveOfAction 

PsychoticusRex says:

Goto http://leecamp.net/ and sign up, just incase YouTube goes sideways,
lee has a way of letting you know about stuff.

DA Dixon says:

First 35 seconds and you’re yelling “what the f@ck is a matter to me”
because I’m thinking what you’re thinking! I don’t know what you’re
thinking, Do you know what I’m thinking right now about this video? If you
guessed that I subscribed to your channel for 35 seconds, that would be

Jemez DVo says:


Doodle Maier says:
Elisabeth Anne says:

He is right, that beard makes me uncomfortable…almost as uncomfortable as
a group of men all wearing similar suits, with the same hair cut, matching
shoes, new tablet gadgets and a weird rope tied around their neck.

Dave Umbach says:

So what about the Amish? Are they in the same threat as everyone else?

michael woodruff says:

Tyt took me here

ptolemyauletesXII says:

I have no problem with these ‘self-sustaining’ communities, and in general
believe that they are genuinely well intentioned people, but they are
living in a world of make believe. They are simply not self-sustaining.
They rely on the outside world for a great many things, including much of
the technology that they use (solar panels, wind turbines, etc), and have
accumulated the wealth necessary to buy the land they are living off of
from their previous interactions with society. Earth contains billions of
people, and most of them simply need to rely on the rest of society to
survive. A population on that scale simply cannot be ‘self sufficient.’
This is a fantasy game played out by wealthy westerners with too much free

Petter Sundbom says:

Awesome vid, as always. But hey Lee, what do you think about the term
resource based economy?

Joseph Jasson says:

You’re fucking shitting me!

Bright Future says:

look at the trailer for the new x-men movie please! X-Men: Days of Future
Past | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX
the actor who playes young xavior looks exacly like lee camp!

Dawn Harrison says:

This isn’t a joke. Seriously shocking and a scary situation. Gvt’s in USA
are getting out of control.

D Sanchez says:

Some unfortunate crap we have to deal with these days…
Keep telling ppl “what time it is”.

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