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The Guide to Sustainable Living | #LowWasteLent

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Erin Siddoway says:

Your voice is so dull

ThermalViolet says:

I'm really pretty over the "so many people have asked me" or variations thereof….. why do people say this all the time lol no ones asked you…. you just felt like making content. That's totally fine. You don't need to justify wanting to produce content! Don't be ashamed of wanting to make stuff 🙂 if one or two people ask the same question, cool but like 50+ people aren't constantly asking for everything you post and you say that in almost all of your videos, girl.

Hannah Ruthy says:

My only concern is getting vitamins. I am mostly vegan and I take a B12 and some other supplements and can't always find glass bottles.

Nireeksha Anantram says:

Very informative but u speak so so so slow

PHD in Me TV says:

So nice to have this for beginners! Thanks for sharing 🌸

Shaun Harbord says:

Thought provoking as always. Lovely hair.


Eric Gamble says:

Just for fun: after the forty days, there is a fifty-day period leading up to Whitsunday, that is sometimes referred to as mystagogia, or a ‘deepening of one’s understanding……’ You noted that you had more than forty items…….perhaps you might play with that idea as a follow up. You have such wonderful ideas! Thank you!
Now, on to check out these great new resources……..

Cathy Lynn Pietranton says:

I Blue this was an excellent video congratulations on your E book.

Emelia Söderlund says:

Beautiful! I'd love if this video also had some snapshots of the e-book 🙂

Karina CT says:

I just got my e-book! Thank you!

Egle N says:

What's the name of plant in the background? Thanks

rowan orre says:

I am still on my attempt to give up shame and blame for lent. (this is my 4th year on this).

TheScentedPath says:

Excellent subject Blue, this is so important! I will definitely be following along with great interest 😊 xx

angela kneller says:

I give up fb for lent. This is my third yr. I still find it difficult to give up. I may add something else more tangible to the mix but not sure what yet x

Suhani Sharma says:

It's just so good video. I love this video. Thank you for this. Lots of love from me.

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