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The Energy Comes From Within: A Green Living Story By Lennar

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Lennar is proud to present a new video storybook that includes everything to help kids and families start living a greener life. Follow the adventures of a smart little lightning bug named Joules, as he and his friends come up with a plan to help save their green earth, by changing some of the things they do at home every day. But first, they have to motivate the rest of their community to join in and do their part for the environment. How will Joules and the other lightning bugs do it? What green living tips can we all learn from Joules, and start including in our own homes? We have the power inside us all, because as Joules says, “the energy comes from within!” We hope you enjoy this informative and inspirational story by Lennar.


PopDaddySmackums says:

FIRST, and this is weird…

Devin Porter says:

Awe inspiring music for film and visual media at my channel.

hbloch1 says:

Video Must View…………… YouTube Looking For Schmucks

Lennar says:

@hbloch1 Thank you for your nice comments

mizzjanky says:

I flushed my toilet 87 times during this video!!! I am going to play it
again and see if i can break 100!

mizzjanky says:

@ 0:46 talks about scientific dictatorship

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