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The EcoBoomer – All Electric, Zero Emissions, Eco-Friendly

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This is our new EcoBoomer XL, it’s an all electric, zero emissions, environmentally friendly, human transporter. The EcoBoomer is a hot product with mass global appeal and will sell very well in any country around the world.

We are based in Dong Guang City, China. Our factories develop the most innovative products in China.

Let us know what products you seek or if any of our current products meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us by the information below:

Ann Christine


NikolaosLedZeppelin says:

useless suspension bad rod steering system and bad wide turning circle that
means lack of differential. Do better next time. 

John Henry Reaves says:

I think it’s pretty cool, but it would be better with 26 inch wheels, you
could get far more speed and a smoother ride.

Gribbo9999 says:

EcoBoner – great name. The riding position looks horrible. A few
thousand kms on that and the physio will be getting a visit I think.

rebitmusic says:

good to die…

thomas mench says:

ich thomas suche ein rohlstuhl für sport u freizeit solte nicht so teuer
sein da ich in der behinderten werkstat arbeit und da bekomme ich so wenig
geld ja bitte helfen ich spiele rohlstuhl rakbyt bitte helfen danke 

javier velasco says:
AndreAnimAzione Badiali says:

i won bay bat were i can find de shop???

jim bentley says:

The “Emissions” took place at the point the electricity was generated.
Nothing is Zero Emissions. Even solar requires some place to generate nasty
“Emissions” to produce a panel, a battery ect. and the panel does not
produce more energy than it took to to produce it. Its a stupid scam for
retarded people to think they are good.

Warren Dyer says:

Pretty cool except for all the tree hugger bs

Wong MoMo says:

The EcoBoomer – All Electric, Zero Emissions, Eco…:

TheXtraMan says:

Dear Santa…

floopy312 says:

Mario Kart?

NANO-Nils says:

wow…looks fantastique ! cool

Eco Superhero says:

I love it! How do I get one? I wish we had an EcoBoomer at the Earth Day
2014 UCLA event. College students are doing great things for the
environment. http://youtu.be/MeW79QZT7xE


bella merda

Dan Lewis says:

It’s nice. It looks like it might have the ability to fold or to change
driver’s height.
I hope to see another video that looks into those abilities.

Baldev Chaudhry says:

we are interested to import , send us offer by e mail
baldev_chaudhry@hotmail.comfor india , we hv a show room, we will need
100pcsm =

Baldev Chaudhry says:

send us offer for india , email baldev_chaudhry@hotmail.com

Bikeboard TV says:

its very nice !
go to see the E-bikeboard

joão Garcia says:

PLEASE CONTACT ME joaoamericano@hotmail.com
Thank you.

David Bequette says:

This is the way to travel. Check out this young entrepreneur who started
Armenia’s first eco friendly, sustainable and smoke-free cafe’ chains A
Sustainable Cup of Coffee: Irina Ghaplanyan at TEDxYerevan

NoFear4XJs says:

Maybe you can make one for snowy conditions other then that what’s wrong
with a pedal bike?

argenis trinidad says:
twocvbloke says:

If I rode that, there’d definitely be exhaust emissions, especially if I’ve
been to KFC that day… :P

Anirudha Devadkar says:

it’s an all electric, zero emissions, environmentally friendly, human

TheMerdonissimo says:

Is better if you use a normal quad xD

roxfoot says:


DrFizzington says:

@HelloKipp Try not being a total dickbag.

OldmanMaestro says:

What’s the top speed?

pepsis1987 says:

@blm99 ok, now you are just being so smart. like a SMARTASS!!! cut the
crap, would ya. We all now that. you just can not compare one power plant,
or so many as there are, with gas emissions from all the worlds
transportation vehicles. get a grip…

Maxved says:

im looking at it and come to the conclusion.. isn’t it better to just buy a

Kurt Van Luven says:

Electric vehicles ARE NOT ZERO EMISSIONS, that is unless we now create
electricity FROM AL GORE’S HOT AIR!

sgfreak96 says:

100% copied off of the segway centaur prototype

kompjuter camber says:

fck made is china

DOASalesman says:

@blm99 what a load of crap. there are several ways of producing electricity
wich produce zero pollution from the day they are connected to the grid.
(btw, I think emissions is a softening of the facts – a sigh is an
emission, a fart is pollution) The world’s relliance on fossil fuels is
ridiculous. I think oil is a good thing; exploding pressurised combudtibles
is an easy way to make thing travel the speed i like – fast! but too much
of a good thing can kill.

motanelustelistu says:

You just don’t get 1 think i say.You’re the one out of league here

RipRapRob says:

@blm99 The VEHICLE itself is zero emission. There are no emissions when you
use it. Yes, it needs to be charged, but the power could come from solar,
wind, wave energy or other non-emission-sources.

DragonToko says:

Good for grannies.

Phil Smart says:

Now lets see you get up a kerb….

motanelustelistu says:

Honestly now,you’re 5,right?How on earth is easier to homemade Petrol than
Solar Eletricity?With solar you create mounts for them and sit for Petrol
you need to some sort of power for the plowing machine,need money for the
seeds,plaint seeds or start searching for places to buy row material,turn
into liquid,boil it etc.How’s that easier than siting?

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