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Sustainable living:No dig gardening

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No -Dig Gardening – how to create a no dig garden for your backyard.


amorfini498 says:

Fattys need to dig to lose all their weight

Costa Rica says:

wow, this is neat, thanks! We are building two intentional communities in
Southern Costa Rica. We love it here! Check out Osa Mountain Village and
Serenity Gardens Eco Village

cakey527 says:

worms are hermaphrodites lol.

nery colon 1 says:

Great video. I put compost on my plant every month just a bit so it can get
the nutrients it needs. I also do my own compost and I save money in dirt.

SmithDan420 says:

I have personally used horse manure and find that it contains a lot of
weeds. Horses aren’t very good at breaking down materials in their stomach
so a lot of the weed seeds don’t get killed or die off. I learned this the
hard way last year and used horse maneuver in my garden the weeds took over
and I was constantly all summer weeding the garden.

TheBushdoctor68 says:

Very informative and very pleasantly presented. Thank you.

MisterNickOtine says:

yes, but the plants love it!

Icyhot1995 says:

Would a shredded up paper bag make a good substitute for straw?

Kevin S. says:

My soil is already pitch black in color and i want to basically kill most
of my lawn. Do i need to maybe cover the lawn with black plastic sheeting
till the grass is all dead or should i cover the lawn with cardboard?
leaves, cut grass, hay or whatever on top of the cardboard? thanks; i’m
altogether new at gardening.

AmishSurvivalSecrets says:

Great content and a strategy all should pay attention to. Keep up the good

SmithDan420 says:

If you do decide to use horse manure I would suggest making a hot compost
pile to try and kill off as much of the weed seeds as you can. Make sure
the compost pile gets extremely hot.

beautifulInner says:


Newman Gardener says:

Is the use of newspaper on the ground to smother weeds effective at
eliminating yellow nut sedge(grass)?


a good thing to put under ur raised beds is card board

vidaripollen says:

i hate digging too.only light scraping is morethan enough most of the
time.good work ladies.but news print ink from papers may b an issue due to

alan30189 says:

No such thing as a he or she earthworm. They both. They are hermaphrodites.

taxivid says:

awesome possum! P)

Debbee Winegar says:

The information was good, too bad the video was focused on her, not the
garden itself I was very disappointed. Didn’t show any of what she was

Vladivostok says:

Landcom pipenet. Rootkit?

Mark Kirkwood says:

We teach people how to build and run Aquaponics systems. No weeding, no
pesticides, no digging and rampant plant growth. Biotechturetraining com

hastalueguito says:

beautiful! thank you

Lopertins The Green says:

Agree with the top comment, it’s like the cameraperson has an aversion to
filming the actual plant bed, it’s actually frustrating to watch!

bfinfinity says:

I’ve heard of this, thanks for the demo, we need to do more things like
this, since things are what they are now. Keep it up!

heavyfootfull says:

wouldnt the bpa from the paper/ink leach into the soil?

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