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Sustainable Living through Permaculture Systems

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Warren Brush (Exec. Dir., Quail Springs Permaculture Gardens) guides us through the various interdependent sustainable living & food production systems at Quail Spring Permaculture Gardens & Sustainable Living Facilities (Maricopa, Ca.). Produced for public television by Barrett Productions, Ventura, Ca. More info www.quailsprings.org


karenchakey says:

I like this, it just makes good sense! love it!

Rachel Soumokil says:

Good video. Interesting points regarding building code.

wilbur mendez says:


Pavel Shershnev says:

Stop stealing from our grand-children!

Raw L. Wizard says:

The mention of going all over the world “rebuilding springs” at 22:44 is
interesting. Is this related to “greening the desert”, which I have heard
referenced in another video?

kaya Trochy says:

Pimpin’ permaculture

Paul VandenBosch says:

Sustainable Living through Permaculture Systems

Casey Sung says:

Please share the knowledge of how it’s done!

Lance Charles says:

This is stuff I do too. 

Jasmine Jimmerson says:

this is what we need

Lance Charles says:

Another local hero. Well played. 

occupynewparadigm says:

i think this guy gets it. autonomous building and forest gardening is the



Schpankme Verimuch says:

Strawbale house means your still paying for heating and cooling. WHY?

Austin Hoffman says:

permaculture is awesome but this video is boaring.

ZeceFackler says:

Don’t you mean fear of change?

Uriel1816 says:

Good info, thanks!

tj21bem says:

Sir, thank you for generously sharing your knowledge & skills. Do you know
a guru like you who woks in the humid tropics? I like to learn how to build
natural houses but I don’t know if cob houses will work in our climate
(Southern Luzon, Philippines) but maybe a combination of bamboo & concrete
will. We have a lot of typhoons, floods, volcanic eruption, earthquake,

charkee1 says:

The unhealthiest patients I see have massive fears of toxins and nutrient
deficiencies. Simply by treating these fears brings about life changing
results. Toxins are not as wide spread as you are led to believe. I see
that you do not have much clinical experience. I see on a daily basis the
toll these fears cause. The fear of the dangers of radiation are vastly
overrated and based on fraudulent and junk science. BTW “meditation” only
helps to a limited extent. You need your fears treated.

Moises Solano says:

We love permaculture and we use 24/7 here at Osa Mountain Village. Check us

DreidMusicalX says:

So cool man! I believe 100% of what you are saying here and I have been
trying to make my land as fit as possible to self sustain many of my needs.
I would love to learn more to make my place better. And you are right, we
need a future without bankers and corrupt politicians. People say we are
evolving, they only way to evolve is to move in this direction and get away
from corporate slavery!

freedom dove says:

Yeah, and when were you there? 50 years ago before the introduction of GMOs
and increased use of Roundup? (rolleyes). So I guess you’re right and the
160 doctors, health professionals, and researchers in Argentina who started
a coalition to ban pesticide use in residential areas in 2010 because of
the increase in illness and cancer are wrong? Interesting, but I’m not
buying it and I hope nobody else is stupid enough to believe you.

nini51963 says:

I mention where people are not allowed to live .

Frank Berry From Upstate NY says:

Well….what economic gain do Colleges have in teaching such
methods….none! They’re financed by big Agri…and Big Agri certainly
isn’t going to change the “Golden Handcuff” society…so….we need to do
it the way mankind does…one man at a time…catch some inertia…then
change parapigms. Same for housing, food, animal husbandry,
heating/cooling. I don’t want to be a slave anymore to society…so I’m
learning now in my late 40’s to eventually “take the plunge: learn…..then

captnhuffy says:

GREAT IDEA!!! at the 18:00 mark – those have been called Chicken Tractors
by some… There are hundreds of great and smart designs avail for FREE on
the web (google search “images chicken tractor”) or do the search “chicken
tractor” right here on youtube. Lots and lots of different ways to do this

Zeemike1 says:

Your farm sounds like a nice place…I wish you would have shown us more of
it…most of it was of you talking….I would like to see what you were
talking about….show us the trees and plants not a talking head. But it
sounds like a great place.

thiizzman510 says:

your the most corrupt to…

XCritonX says:

So you think that protesters spawning more protesters will somehow be more
productive than someone who is actually working at creating a better world?
That is just stupid.

edwardsaladhands says:

You call a living animal food lol


. …OOO… O …OOO… .

Satchit Ananda says:

Beautiful. Thanks for uploading this. Peace 🙂

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