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Sustainable Living on the Island of Molokai – Preview

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Produced by Quazifilms Media, Molokai.

5-minute preview of a 30-min documentary looking at different models of sustainable living on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. A true fusion of culture and technology.


Chris Caruso says:

Moloka'i islanders are some of the friendliest folks. I love the island. Big Island and Moloka'i are my favorites. O'ahu is too crowded and least fortunate. Though you can find anything you want in Honolulu from dim sum to the sky's the limit…🤓. Maui is alright just not home. Haleakala is awesome.

mitridatus says:

congrats matt

Namyi Wade says:

Thank you for awesome video and info! God bless!

Marius Kritzinger says:

It is a dream of mine to stay in a place like that with my wife and children. The people also look very generous and humble.

Anthony Fonua says:

mahalo for the video. i hope to one day return to Molokai and farm as i once did as a kid growing up. missing my Molokai more and more as the years go by 

rnjnt682 says:

Beautiful people !!!

Charles Monteith says:

That looks like a nice place to raise kids.I would love to be apart of a nice neighborhood like that. thx for sharing

Philip Zenn says:

VERY nice video!

packleader87 says:

Golden Rule To Life: "Learn To Be Self-Sufficient, Then Go For The Expensive Crap."

"The first obligation of any organism is to survive. The second is to reproduce." – George Carlin

molokaimatt says:

mahalo for the comment… actually more than half of the people featured in the video are kanaka maoli and the overriding message of the documentary is that native hawaiians were masters of sustainable living and that we must look at the old ways, mixed with new technologies to find the way forward. this message is inclusive of all peoples and all people must embrace it if we are to truly heal our island and the earth.

Mamboro17 says:

Hmzz where are the Hawaiians..

mamoahina says:

mahalo for this Matt!

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