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Sustainable Living in Indiana – Documentary – Interview with Terry Kok

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This film was created during an Independent Study in Filmmaking with instructor C. Thomas Lewis. This film highlights on an individual named Terry Kok, whom supports and lives a fully sustainable lifestyle. The film was shot with the Canon XH-A1 1080p HD camera and the JVC HD 1080p camera. All of the footage and soundtrack audio was edited and put together using Final Cut Pro.


Linda Casey says:

I love it .. nothing like getting back to nature and living self
sufficiently. Good job. Be proud of yourselves. 

Erik Trisko says:

You have it going on terry.I was wondering where you found your wind

Geekz says:

looks llike shit

nery colon 1 says:

great video. I loved the house the only thing is I couldn’t do the bathroom
thing. I Just compost with leaves and once in a while I would put egg
shells or banana peal. Here what we have its a big hole in the ground and
when you flush the toilet it goes into the hole. if it starts to get fill
you call the municipal and they come to clean it. Really nice video.

chuck7667 says:

great work on the film. and on sustainable living. ten thumbs up

Emily Chester says:

this interveiw SUCKED

Endangered Art says:

would like to see more of this in IN

Mike Parrish says:

Great Job ! hope to be able to live like that one day.

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