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Sustainable Living in Costa Rica

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Check us out http://osamountainvillagecostarica.homestead.com/moises.html


Jody Blackwell says:

the only thing i see that needs looking into are the roads the way they are will be a lot of maintenance problems during the green season and the dry season

Rolman80 80 says:

40 houses here and there and nothing about reforesting white people what white people do destroy nature its such a shame you have arrive in this area too.

NoOne says:

With things looking as bleak as they are in the US. Might be time to make the move.

Christian Mena says:

un lugar hermoso y un concepto de vida simple pero justamente lo que se necesita en estos tiempos, ven disfruta y aprende con nosotros.
Vivir en armonia con el ambiente y producir lo que comes!!!

Christian Mena says:

Our concept is more than just and idea, it's a way of life that it has been used for years and we want to give you this great opportunity for you and you family.
Come for a tour and stay a life time having fun and learning while you are doing it!!!

Costa Rica says:

Please come visit ASAP, email you can reserve online to osamountainresort . com

Elvia Ramírez says:

¡Es bello!

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