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sustainable living in college!! (lesson 101)

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sustainable living in college!! (101 lesson)

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lovjimi says:

thank you for this video!! im a second year college student currently and im trying to get into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life style but it is so difficult. i wanna take things one step at a time and although i am not the best and probably wont ever achieve the perfect lifestyle becoming more aware and conscious of what i am consuming and putting back into the planet is very important, so thank you !!

Noela George says:

“Good on you” is an app that helps you learn more about sustainable brands and you can shop directly from their links too!!✨

Noela George says:

Ecosia is a search engine you can get on your phone or computer/laptop that with a certain amount of your searches they plant a tree🌳 I RECOMMEND✨

Marana Blake says:

Dr. Bronners is harming the planet in one way- the plastic bottle :/

Emma Milneck says:

u should do asmr

Joanna says:

your voice is so lovely!

Dimpho Solo says:

The likes were at 666. ☹️ I had to like and put it at 667 to keep Satan away from Haley

Momodaaa says:

such a beautiful being inside and out

Alexa Ramos says:

You go boo!!

cyberspaced says:

i sent this to my mom because it honestly can apply to anyone, not just college students. thank you haley 🙂

Inès Cornet says:

I think it is great that you are using your platform to raise some awareness and to show that, even if you are a student, it is not hard to live a more conscious and waste-free life!! Very inspiring 🙂

Katie Martens says:

Love the video! I started using wool dryer balls instead on dryer sheets. The dryer balls will last for years. I bought some at Trader Joe’s and they have them at target. It saves you money and helps reduce waste!

E Winn says:

such a beautiful person inside & out. i myself am a college student so this video was very helpful for me as i am also trying to be smarter about the products i buy and use!!!!

sarah harmon says:

haley's comment section is so wholesome 😉 no haters here <3

Kayla Henrikson says:

When I was in college I definitely made so many switches because I was now on my own. It feels so much better to know you are helpin our little planet out!

Chai Beee says:

Yes yes yes to all of this!! We need more youtubers like you!! go haley!! <3

Emilia sadeghi says:

I love this!! I really needed this.

Lauren says:


Lastlies says:

ur g l o w i n g

Megan Gosling says:

So true!! Another good thing is to just not use a dryer and hang your clothes if you've got a rack and some space!! <3

beste doğan says:

Love you so so much Haley💛

Domi Nika says:

number one tip: reuse reuse reuse. use what you already have instead of buying new things. this goes for containers, jars, bottles, whatever else. try to reuse them before you throw them away and get new things.

Daisy Collins says:

you are such a good person

un 1983 says:

i love how you're using youtube for the good of the world!! I think it important point is that we shouldn't solely focus on recycling as a goal and a way out but actually try to minimise the use in the first place (i know i was guilty of thinking that i could buy a plastic container and just recycle it – didn't think twice about the recycling industry)

Lucille Potts says:

The most important lessons we need to live by. We all need to do our but to protect the future of the beautiful planet we live in. It all starts on an individual level!! Be aware of the injustices of the world and what is happening to our natural resources.

Frida Licorish says:

loved this video! will you do an updated college dorm tour??❤️🌸

Grace Hovingh says:

you should invest in some wool dryer balls! dryer sheets aren’t actually good for you or your dryer and wool dryer balls are reusable and sustainable and help your clothes dry faster 🙂 plus you can put essential oils on them if you want to make your clothes smell nice!! just a tip 🙂
check out the company ‘mighty nest’ for some awesome sustainable products!!

Shana Koorse says:

I love your videos but your aesthetically pleasing ones with lots for clips are by far my favorites. Would you consider planing out your sit down videos with more structure? I feel like it would make what you want to say more clear

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