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Sustainable Living + Earth Bag Home In Ghana

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Brandon Rogers is the builder of the home in this video and the founder of MIGRATING CULTURE, an African/American design campaign established in 2006 with key projects in Ghana- West Africa. You can check out his website at https://migratingculture.org

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adewale hanson says:

hot diggity dog. a tomato on his head and sell it in the market . very funny. but my god . what a brilliant guy. with good idea. awesome. haay. homeboy got him a ranch right there. men. you guys just makes me very happy each time i see your videos . it motivates me to step my game up and return to the fathers land expediently. o.k now let see. homeboy got him some chickens . all he need is to hire some workers to clear the bushes . set up the incubatore and start a max production in chicken. that will felch mad loot if you get my drift. secondly . he should invest a little in dairy cows . maybe two female and one male to start with. set up a milking station. with artificial insemination . men you got a ranch. well it all takes time . step by step . but so far so good . you guys are on the right track . i am planing on doing the same thing when i get back to the fathers land . men you guys rock and i love you all. may god continue to bless . and protect you all. amen with love from. well you know who . home skillet

Kevin Arnold says:

I am at a loss for words on how great this video is. Your channel is amazing, you guys are living the dream. Living in a place where you're a citizen and NOT a suspect. The brotha and his wife you featured in this video is truly inspirational.

Eliyyah Ben Yisrael says:

Do you know how much he paid in total to have the house built. Thanks

happeningcash says:

This man is living my dreams. Can’t wait to go there in December .

Nas Adam says:

I invite you to Khartoum Sudan bro just come down here and take a look

phnxflwr says:

This was such an informative interview. I loved the interaction between everyone, and how nice and hospitable the homeowners were.


Trend setters keep up the great work many are gonna follow y’all please answered a call and many hear keep the faith so much better on the horizon

Lucas Beradi says:

Thank you, Native Borne, for sharing your journey and conducting such a wonderful interview!

justice armah says:

I haven't heard of earthbag buildings, this is my first time, but looking your plan and ideas, i am thinking of agro-tourist business with earth structures as guest house

Lanisready T says:

This video made my day. Lord, show us to return to Africa, please. I am tired of living in America. It's not that I am not grateful for what I have achieved here. I received a great education, live in a beautiful home, make a nice six-figure income and yet, my soul is not settled. I know this is not my home.

Kiss My Coils says:

I know that’s right!! He said sustainable shelter and land first, then I can always make money from selling some tomatoes on his head in the market. Lol! #GOALS!!

Freddy Arena says:

Bradon could train some people how to build an earthbag house , am about to start my project and i prefer earthbag I have done a ton of research about it but i would like to have training I mean practical , I will take some month off from my job I just ficus on that

helen he says:

We are doing this in Mozambique, my husband is American and is buying land in there but east and west africa look a bit different but all beautiful. It's beautiful to see people follow their dreams, especially people who look so kind and respectful of local culture. My husband is in Asia and his brother is in Europe, blacks are find dreams all over the world and Africa is the most beautiful choice.

Great League says:

brother need a Massey Ferguson 4 real but cool dude

Jacarri Phelps says:

Mix neem oil with little dish soap and spray your plants with it at night. Peace

westskincare says:


Awobe Lamera says:

Plant some tobacco around your house, snakes hate the smell of it.

MonIIs Yosef says:

amazing video

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