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Sustainable Living E3 | Water: Consumption and Conservation

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Sustainable Living Episode 3 | Water: Consumption and Conservation. Follow Rob Greenfield’s bike ride across America practicing sustainable living to the extreme. In this 5 episode series you’ll learn how your daily actions with food, waste, water, transportation, and energy affect the earth, other species, and yourself. And you’ll learn how you can be a part of the solution and live sustainably. In this episode Rob lives off a leaky fire hydrant in New York for five hot summer days to demonstrate how much water is waste. You’ll learn about how your water usage at home impacts the environment, animals, and your own health. It covers how much water the average person uses around the world, how it gets to you, and where it goes after you use it. The video ends with the simple actions you can take to eat to use less water and reduce your environmental impact.

To learn more about what you can do to live sustainably visit: https://www.RobGreenfield.tv/sustainableliving

Rob Greenfield is an adventurer, activist, and humanitarian for a sustainable and just world. He donates 100% of his media income to grassroots nonprofits. His YouTube channel is a source for all things sustainable living, off the grid, simple living, zero waste, tiny house, grow your own food, cycling, and green.

Find Rob Greenfield on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RobGreenfield
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobJGreenfield @RobJGreenfield
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/RobJGreenfield @RobJGreenfield


jodimontoute says:

thanks for those interesting facts

mafbbb says:

Amazing video, great video and love the carton/edit style.
Keep up the great videos and work, love from Portugal.

BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment Systems says:

Nice highlight Rob! I'd like to share bluebarrelsystems.com for rainwater harvesting resources using recycled food-grade barrels. Harvesting rainwater is something we can all do… since (luckily) not everybody has access to a leaky fire hydrant!

Rob Greenfield says:

Want some inspiration to sell your car and go pedal powered?
Episode 4 is out to inspire you!

Daniel Pratt says:

you are a hero. I wonder how much impact the AZ biosphere had on modern sustainability ideas?

Gintautė Juciūtė says:

love your video!


лайк молодец

piney power (billy) says:

not sure were u got 80 gallons a day not even close to what i use

Danielle Britton says:

Excellent video! Thank you :)

C Adams says:

Great video ! Check out the movie on Netflix " The True Cost "

Scotty G says:

Really like what your doing and I get the point, but calling the fire department to shut the hydrant off would be the best water saver in that specific situation.

infinityotto says:

It's always time well-spent watching your videos. And I'm definitely enjoying your latest 5-part series. So much valuable information. Thanks, Rob! :D

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