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Sustainable Living E 7 Chickens

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In this weeks Video we are going to talk about Chickens and how important they are to a sustainable life. We talk about the different types of chickens and their uses.



Haul-A-Rita says:

I'm sharing this video with my daughter who just got chickens this past summer. Love your videos.

Julia Campbell says:

When I was young we had chickens. They were all free range but only during parts of the day when we were out there. They were trained along with the other animals to come home at the sound of a whistle. That meant food or a treat. And they were out in the field with the goats and pigs.

Sapper Gardener says:

Thanks for the latest in the series. We just got chickens this year and enjoy the experience (Minus the chicks that we thought were hens but grew up into roosters). New chicken owners like me should always get their chicks from reliable sources not some guy selling out of his truck. Lesson learned by us. LOL Now we have five healthy hens and got rid of three healthy roosters.

Thinking of Others says:

Jason , I forgot to ask you about my oriental neighbor with 20 laying hens. I told him to put his chicken coop on a little hill to produce the best egg rolls.

Thinking of Others says:

Another really good video Jason. I see that you always do your best to help us all , and I thank you. Great topic people do always think of chickens when you say the word Homesteading.
GOD'S JOY Brother.

movinon04 says:

great tips and info on chickens-i would like to add that a chicken on the homestead is the one animal that is looking for the fastest way to die- you can do everything right and still that chicken will find a way to off itself- lol– when eggs got to 4 dollars a dozen here in southern Ohio we got chickens from brother Jnull0 and we love our chickens- and it is cheaper to feed the chickens than it is to buy eggs – at least for us– many blessings

Annie Farmer says:

I have had chickens since I was little !

cockeyedhomestead says:

Good video, Jason. We do a combination of free range (taught to lay in certain places) and coop.-Jo

Anita G's Hillbilly Haven says:

great information about the different breeds of chickens.

Amy Davis says:

I love the Cockeyed's Hen, one likes to lay eggs in the top of her rolling tool box!

Dan bev says:

I'm pretty amazed you don't have more subscribers.

Life in Farmland says:

Chickens are great!

Lone Star Living says:

Great video! I was just researching chickens yesterday. Thanks for the info bud!

Little Greenachers says:

thank you so much for the great information you have answered a lot of my questions God bless you

Sherri Cherry says:

Chicken tacos…just sayin'.

Hope’s Homestead says:

I was uploading a video so I was on here and I get to be first!!! That's right. #1

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