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Sustainable Living at Freedom Cove Float House

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This is a completely unique west coast home a half hour by water off Tofino, BC, floating in the wilderness. This float house is 100% sustainable and the people who live here, Catherine and Wayne Adams, live off the land year round. They have built practically every part of their house with their own artistic and creative touch. Both Catherine and Wayne are artists and they refer to their float home and gardens as an on going evolving art project. You can go on a tour of their place when in Tofino, contact Mike White 1-250-726-8605 or 1-250-725-3435
You can contact Catherine and Wayne at

Song: Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfeild


d dAPr says:

An absolutely wonderful idea
Thanks for sharing

TheCynicalDouche says:

So, I have to be a lesbian to go visit this place?

Bernardo Bohorquez says:

Freedom Cove in youtube: Sustainable Living at Freedom Cove Float House

jim price says:

it like water world :)

danny richter says:

The wheel man would have to go. 

ChaoticHD says:


1985hamburgler says:

that place looks like a bad dream.

seaotter1975 says:

Very unique! I really like this; but I have to say I think that water
wheel man would drive me crazy with all his clanging. LOL Very nice
though! 🙂 

Joe Blow says:


Karen Crewe says:

love to live somewhere like this…!!!! where are you based?

oShytt says:

Coolest place ever

WizzleThump says:

So did you purchase the land or the actual water? This is VERY interesting
to me and I’d LOVE to know the specifics!

marinadog2121 says:

Very NIce! Really like the gardens. Please see my floating home video above.

39Thorns says:

Your Indian name should be “High-Horse”.

David S says:

Natasha Beddingfield – Pocket Full Of Sunshine

cherd1971 says:

i never seen anyhting like that home. its beautiful i would love to live

Jayglaim says:

I know, the music is terrible

juki0h says:

i would definitely say this is not for everyone, people that want to live a
more simpler life, without all the distractions of the modern world. or
people who dont want to rely on the government or corporations, or people
who really just want to be free and not worry about stupid things

NeoLeaver says:

Love from the UK…you have a beautiful home….Not sure about the noisy
fisherman tho’….it would drive me nuts!

Carrina H says:

Wow!!! <3

mrwaffles58 says:

well whats stoppin ya?

RevlindsayG King says:

Excellent! Is it okay for me to boast that Jean and I helped get this
living work of art started? How come? April 1, 1956, Catherine came to be
our first, and only, daughter. That was when I was the UC minister at Tide
Head, a small town five miles west of Campbellton, NB–just east of Quebec.
Her brother, Turner, now a musician and teacher, came along, in 1958, in
Montreal. The King family is a proud supporter of the arts. Einstein said:
“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

MrMadscotsman says:

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! What a fantastic place to be- well done!

beachfiredude says:

heaven on earth

Don Elwell says:

you know I was going to comment about your paranoid fantasy nonsense, but
why even bother…..

Mikdeelo says:

The little fellow @ 1:50; is the silence is too deafening in the woods?
Perhaps there is a freeway or sawmill next door? Otherwise, LL a very cool
place to live. Thanx for sharing.

worldviewtruth says:

seems like it would get a little cold in the winter. what about septic?
looks awesome.

themike1981234 says:

man o man the song blows

superraider408 says:

@pwjm shut up and go live like a slave.

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