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Sustainable Living and Philosophies of Land Stewardship. A Balance of Nature.

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Backwoods philosophies with a balance of give and take from the homestead acreage.
Royalty free audio files provided by www.audiomicro.com and Footage Firm which I am fully licensed for.
In this video I demonstrate another method of how my homestead property pays for itself. It’s a balance of give and take here fur and meat harvesting. Self reliance in the north woods.
Filming and editing by JC Desclos.


thebossoftheswamp says:

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The Meat Trapper says:

What a wonderful outlook on life my friend. Your videos are required
viewing for my entire family.

There is a deep satisfaction that comes from a direct connection and
interaction with our natural world. This is a satisfaction that hundreds of
millions will never know. Every mans days are numbered, but there is a
peace that comes from knowing that we have played our role in the great
scheme of things; that we have served our role in Gods creation. In knowing
that however small we may be, we did our job, harmoniously.

Take care my friend. Good job. 

robin kimball says:

You’re a very responsible land owner and the inner city folk do not have a
clue. Funny when they go to the store and buy that hamburger or steak they
never frown upon the meat industry and the harmful chemicals they use to
preserve the food or keep the color nice and red…. Those monsters are
killing the human race. Then there is the trapper or hunter and they are
cruel. People need to seek the truth before passing judgement. Great job
with all of your videos! I look forward to them.

ramblinman says:

Favorite channel, same values from one sportsman to another.

Renee Davidson says:

I enjoy your videos, You are a very wise man..:)

seaotter1975 says:

I want to start with how much I love your channel and Frankie, your handy
dandy craftsman skills and knowledge and your love for nature. I will be
honest; I never watch your trapping video’s. I personally don’t believe in
killing the animals for food, clothing, makeup or anything else. Their
beauty is not mine to wear, destroy or eat, stuff and mount to a wall as a
trophy. I’m not going to harp on ya for doing so yourself; that’s not my
style. I want to say though I really admire you and how you do respect
nature, the animals and land. It’s nice to see someone out there that
isn’t trapping and killing out of greed or some sick pleasure. I like how
you give back to the animals and don’t take them for granted. Take care
and stay warm my friend. 🙂 

Mark Betche says:

Another great video JC. Your videos are, by far, my favorite and most
impatiently waited for. This is my idea of reality TV. 

Brian Prewitt says:

This might be one of the most valuable videos for me you have produced.
You are extremely right. God gave us this land and we must be good
stewards. It’s unfortunate some folks are going to pass judgement on YOU
specifically before even watching your videos. All you can do is offer the
education, it’s up to everyone else to learn. Continue your good work!
You have my support and I’m confident there are many more like me.

1994abbygirl says:

Hi JC, Another awesome video..so pleasing to see you caring for the animals
on your land. Being a great steward of it does not go unnoticed by God!
Truly you will be blessed. I was anxious to see how well they enjoyed the
tree you cut down for them and truly they had a feast by all the footprints
left in the snow. Spring is in the air.. I am hearing more birds singing on
sunny days. We finally had 2 days of snow.. only got about 4″.. they’re
saying we cannot water our lawns this year.. so I will be saving my dish
rinse water and bath water to water my garden plants and flowers. I am
praying for another rainy summer like we had last year. Looks like you
won’t have a water problem at all! Always a joy to see your video’s!
Blessings to you and Frankie!

Dave Wilcox Jr says:

I couldn’t agree more JC! Everything you mentioned and shared was exactly
how I feel! Great footage and valid explanation of the balance of our
ecosystem! I get frustrated when I take the animals I feel will be suited
to that area to maintain a healthy renewable resource, only to find someone
else move in afterwards and slaughter. With your knowledge and fan base I
hope you will make a difference and help educate all walks of life JC…
thanks for sharing!

William Smith says:

That sunrise on a cool morning is awesome. My avatar is a photo I took of a
sunset out my living room window. Sad thing is I’m selling my place because
the neighbor is clear cutting his hundred acres and what a mess the loggers
are making. And that portable sawmill whining all day. All for some
blocking, bracing and pallet wood. You got a peaceful place there. Blessed
are the peacemakers. Yessir.

Allen Hobbs says:

Very good video and words of wisdom. Truly thanks for sharing.

Melody Capehart Medina says:

I did enjoy it!! :))) That makes my heart feel good seeing all the tracks!
That was so nice of you to take that tree down for them. You are a good
man JC and we all see how good you are to the land and it’s animals!
Frankie is a hoot “get up get up you sleepy head, I want to play” I could
hear him telling you. :)))) I really hope the beaver is there and ok!

BrassTurds says:

Yet another great video JC. You give us hunters, trappers and gun owners a
great name. Keep warm my friend.

Prim n' Prepper says:

I’m dating myself now, but I still have my Shed’s peanut butter pail that I
carried as my lunch pail to a one room school house. I made it into a
sewing box and it holds all my sewing treasures. I also would be
devastated if it was lost or damaged. Nice of you to help the deer. I
bet the wild bunnies will feast on that too. Thanks for another great

Ironheart Fabrication says:

Good video. Thanks for posting! Standing by for your next production.
Take care, be safe!

Steven.C. WHHI says:

This video was outstanding! No one could have said it any better (you
struck a cord….its very much how my family & I have practiced our
stewardship). Your passion for wildlife and nature parallels my own. The
give and take, circle of life, a system created perfectly by God. So many
people I’m sure feel the same way and others just need to see and hear this
video and ask what they can give back. They say you reap what you sow &
that is so true (it’s not what have you done for me lately). . This spring
my son and I will start recording (we have some ideas already in mind) and
hopefully getting some videos up on my channel (we are praying that they
will turn out good and be helpful). It will be really nice knowing others
feel the same way and have the same passion. JC THANK YOU very much for
making this video & God Bless!

Neil Post says:

Boss those rat’s shur take me back! 1990 was the last time I set a trap,
where did the time go? Do ya eat the rat’s or just harvest the fur? Down
here in south Jersey we have annual muskrat dinners, although I think they
taste like greasy mud it’s tradition. Once again thanks for the vid and
tilting a Jamesons to ya!

joesneon says:

Wonderful job buddy… I enjoyed that!!!!

Remsi Tenso Daijyn says:

Very nice words boss…I really like the way you care about nature…Your
respect for the wild life is some thing beauty full before God’s eyes.I saw
a lot of videos of hunters killing small animals and birds just for
fun.They justified them self saying they are killing pests,but for me
squirrels and small birds are no pests.You only take what you need and
don’t kill just for fun.

Pinetar Robyn Homestead says:

great vid brother…knee deep here to and a cold month stay warm…Chenango

DEW W says:

Again, you are a good steward. We are lucky you share these moments with
us. Thank you for reminding me, I need to do more for Gods wonderful

Jeremy Weedman says:

I’ve followed you for years now. Watched every video. I gotta say – this
is my favorite video you’ve ever put out. You’re an intelligent man, with
rock solid values.

I enjoy the woods immensely, but watching this – you have much deeper
passion for it. I’m gonna watch this video multiple times to help me get
the language and appreciation of nature that you live with everyday.

Inspiring stuff… Keep up the great work. 

Rick's backyard garden says:

I love your winter videos…your property looks beautiful year around. You
are a great steward of your land and the animals on it. Thanks for sharing.

Greg Todd says:

I think I’ve watch 90% of your videos since I found your channel and have
enjoyed them all.
Have a Jesus filled day
Greg in Michigan 

gordon kistler says:

you need to get a two legged beaver for your cabin.

Nancy Donovan says:

Jim, Great deal with the tops, I have had as many as 8 deer follow my
skidder as I pull tops to a place to cut them from trees, I often do as you
do and purposely cut maples for the deer, Last year a fellow logger up the
road from house was working a hardwood lot and had 70 plus deer all winter,
The state came in and said it was the biggest deer yard they had seen in
our area, Funny how us loggers and hunters care for the animals that so
many think we just like to kill, I have such a soft spot for the wildlife
in brutal winters like we are having, So many stuggle, and we can just go
in and light our wood stoves and pull some food off the shelf, Looking
forward to spring, Imagine how excited the animals will be, We still have
waist high snow in the woods, Gonna try tapping maples next week. 

John Smith says:

Yesterday, an old buddy and I snow shoed in 1.5 miles through a hardwood
forest to a back lake. We were out ice fishing for some splake. Didn’t
catch any, but enjoyed a nice little shore fire and some moose stew. The
best part of the trip was the walk in and out, looking at all the
different hardwoods, moose tracks and just breathing the fresh crisp air.
Your videos are inspiring and I hope that people who are watching are
getting out there and enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds, and not
just sitting inside and watching. Maybe you could hold a little video
contest and have your viewers submit a short video of them getting out
there and enjoying the day, or giving back!!! I like you style and the way
you go at life.
This video was heart felt, and as a grown man I will say brought a tear to
my eye, Cheers from Ontario!!! (josh)

deeann pookie says:

Bravo to you J.C., and every other conservationist. What a wonderful job
you do taking care of the land. We need more people like you. Great

Carolina Prepper says:

My son and I have been waiting for your next video. Extra long and worth
the wait. Can’t wait to watch it again with him tomorrow. Where’s Frankie?

NateDogg22 says:

Great video, I admire your respect for nature and wildlife. Trappers and
hunters are more and more misunderstood by the mainstream society. People
are too far removed from their food processes. You are obviously a
respectful and ethical harvester.

I have at least 3 beavers that have created a pond behind my house. I’d
love to get them on my trail cam. Any advice on how to bait them? I have
decent access to their lodge and the dam is pretty small. They’ve ventured
into the woods a bit, mostly taking alder. I live in Washington state.

Shane T says:

Another great video I am a homesteader my self and after watching your
videos It reminded me how much I really love nature and the animals I even
put out some bird feeders and really enjoy having them around I have a few
cardinals that come around and every time I look out and see one it just
makes my whole day better thanks for a lot of great inspiration

somerville99 says:

Excellent JC. As always, enjoyable and instructional. Thank you.

Nortekj says:

I more or less do the same as you do when it comes to wild life, during the
spring and summer months I’ll observe the various wildlife to determine
what the coming hunting season will be like and from that it will tell me
how many friends or family members I’ll allow to hunt, plus all during the
growing season, I’ll sow food plots of 4 acres or more in each one, last
summer I had 9 food plots and thinking of putting in 3 extra for the coming
spring, Plus I have one central area ( 35 Acres) that I have corn wheat,
oats and soybeans that I allow to stand just for the animals. I own 347
acres that I haven’t actually farmed now since 2003 except for putting in
the various food plots for the wildlife. And like you, I would rather take
a good beating when it comes to taking down a live tree UNLESS it creates a
hazard then and only then will I consider removing it. Anyway Good
interesting video keep up the good work and looking forward to the next
one. All the best to you and Frankie

Lennart Stigsson says:

This video really warm my heart.
Beavers are fantastic
Put some crayfish in the pond??
Thank you for this film.

Bradley Coles says:

Great video Boss, You take from Mother nature you must give back to Mother
nature, it’s that simple.

JOHNNYMasteratArms DUNN says:

hunters and trappers are conservationist in the truest form in my humble

vividmonkey says:

Another sweet vid, +thebossoftheswamp ! We just got another 7″ of snow –
thanks for the throw back to fall.. looking forward to shedding all this
winter wear.. and seeing the wildlife get to feed themselves again. Thank
you for everything you do and for sharing so that others may learn and
enjoy… you are a blessing to us all.. :)

beech18s says:

Thanks JC for another good video. There’s a lot of meaning to the things
you talked about. Nature has to maintain a balance for all of us to
survive. Looks like you have had your share of snow this winter. Here in
Indiana, winter finally arrived during the last week in Feb, and now into
the 1st week of March. Looking foward to spring warm up soon. Tom

Sean Briggs says:

Great video my friend some fab shots esp the one looking down what I think
must be the road in the woods covered in snow, I don’t believe for one
second you are a bad guy so you don’t need to justify yourself to people.
There will be haters in all walks of life no matter what you do, they are
normally people who don’t understand and have nothing better to do so keep
doing what your doing. Ps give frankie a hug from me

rl Avery says:

Another great vid, just what I needed this morning with my coffee. I found
it troubling in a way though, I felt watching it that some how you feel the
need to justify yourself. I only know you through watching your vids but
believe me you have nothing to prove to anyone and the more you try to
explain your motives for trapping and hunting the more you will feel the
need to continue to do so. Its just not worth the effort. I have a sign
in my cabin that says you cant fix stupid so don’t try. Keep up the great
vids and life style, we are all enjoying the ride.

Take care


Respect …your an inspiration …I wish you had time to make more
videos…God Bless

charles merritt says:

When I was a kid I had 25 traps my Dad bought for me for Christmas, I must
of been 10 or 11 years old, from that day on they never had to buy my
school clothes anymore and I learned how to manage wild animals on our
land, I stopped trapping when I was about 17 the funny thing is I still
have 24 of the traps he got me, one ofem vanished on my trapline years ago,
I’m 62 now and when I look at those old traps of mine it brings back a lot
of memories. Keep up your great videos, I for one really enjoy them.

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