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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Interior Design — Honda Smart Home US

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Selecting locally produced interior finishes and furniture made from sustainable materials will reduce the environmental impact of your home and improve indoor air quality. A full list of the furniture used in our project will be released in Fall 2014 on HondaSmartHome.com


HondaPro Jason says:

This Honda Home is amazing. I want to visit and maybe spend the night.

sungod1976 says:

Honda, great job. Now please get back to your 1st priority: bringing back
the s2000

College Hills Honda says:

Honda Smart Home. http://ow.ly/wGrrk

sasa sasa says:

Honda! Come on 🙂 keep you Spirit. It’s hard, but you’ll win


Very cool! I’ve always wondered if #Honda would create a consumer
electronic device because they created #ASIMO. #S2000 forever!

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