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Sustainable City Living on 1/10th of an Acre – Degrowth in the Suburbs

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This film tells the story of one small family practicing urban sufficiency. They live on 1/10th of an acre in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. By living more simply and utilizing alternative technologies this household draws 75-80% less electricity from the grid than the Australian average (per capita). At the same time they’re exporting five times that amount in solar energy back into the grid.

Samuel Alexander’s new book Degrowth in the Suburbs: A Radical Urban Imaginary – https://www.palgrave.com/us/book/9789811321306

Thanks to Charlie Kilman for working with us on this film! Check out his YouTube channel Our Changing Climate – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNXvxXpDJXp-mZu3pFMzYHQ


treshma cv says:

I love u guys. Thx for inspiring me to try a little more in wat I wanna do.

Faith R says:

Wonderful and inspiring! (But I found the music distracting and overdone).

Jenie Huynh says:

This is a wonderful way to live and save our planet. Great documentary. Thank you for sharing. Xxx

A JK says:

oh man that one box of strawberries could have fed a family in africa

Björn Mundt says:

Using Solar Energy in Australia. Where else? In one of the sunniest countries on earth. How sorry. Most of the power there is made with burning fossil fuels like coal. Change that!

Richard Falkner says:

You lot are knocking it out of the park! Great work.

Titan Top List says:

Trend this youtube.

AdCurves says:

smarty pants : ) x

The Free Radicals says:

Hey, Jorden, I noticed the van got a cameo role as a bystander on the street 🙂 Crazy to think that this type of living is now considered "new age thinking" yet the Australia I grew up in had all the elements of what is in this great portrayal of suburban minimalist self-sufficiency yet it was not called anything but was an acceptable and practised way of living by many people. Regards Russell

Floristas Flora Fauna says:

This kind of living is becoming a luxury. Living in urban is becoming expensive.Housing, bills, food. And people needs to work harder to earn money to buy it. So good for you not needing to go buy for your fresh food.

K Fox says:

I saw that solar grill on shark tank about a week ago. they were selling it for $600. They have nice but costly gadgets, it's good they admit their privilege in that. It's kind of crazy how we have technology that we're using to try to revert to how we used to be because of excess consumption. Modernized Amish.

beldengi says:

Be thankful that you don't have earwigs and fruitfly to contend with.

Elizabeth A. Ramos says:

Thanks for sharing. We need examples that it could be done and it must be done!

DIY Solar Homestead says:

I just found your channel. I will be around.

Fisher Zban says:

Great piece, I was going to comment that their privilege as white affluent people who only have to work four days a week allows them to do this. But towards the end his discussion on privilege and (especially!) community action actually addressed my concerns pretty well. He’s very right that individual action IS NOT ENOUGH. Collective action and organization is what will bring real change. I recommend reading into schools of thought and government like anarchism, socialism and/or communism to better understand how these changes can happen and exactly what a better, sustainable society will look like. Capitalism is the root of pretty much all of these problems, and working against it (or better yet working to dismantle it completely) should be the first priority.

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