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Survival Retreat – Controlling A Road – Farm Security – With Go For Green Living

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J Ram says:

This is a problem I've been pondering for a while living in a typical suburban neighborhood cul de sac.  I imagine I would start with me and few of the neighbors attempting to erect a barricade at the front of the cul de sac maybe with a couple of vehicles but we would need also need to create a couple of Joesco barriers at the entrance and then, because our subdivision is new and without a lot of trees, every couple hundred yards or so around the perimeter of the cul de sac.  Half our man power would be consumed by security tasking.

keepercreek says:

Humans usually follow the path of least resistance – Highways, roads and trails. Any ideas how to make the entrance of your driveway less obvious?

Malia Ackerland says:

Thorny bushes, berries as a perimeter barrier

fingerlakesprepper says:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabion  you can make these really easy with cattle panels the panels are nice and flexible so you can curve them etc you can reinforce these with rebar and weld them to meet your needs. fill them with rock crushed broken concrete big logs etc. line them with tyvec or landscaping fabric and you have a poor-mans HESCO barrier just fill with dirt and pack it down..  hope this helps..

Urban Survivalcraft says:

Big rocks make for good tactical ornamental landscaping

Rob Lambert says:

Always remember. a barricade for you, is cover for them.

Jeff Cooper says:

Just some ideas. I think a more expedient road block would include an old school bus – park it down the road and pull a few wheels off. A dozer would be better. One could always dig a large ditch across the access road and then cover it with steel plates ahead of time. Pull the plates when the balloon goes up – or cover with 1/2" plywood and dirt/needles. First one over ends up in the ditch. Using a combination of low tech/high tech advanced warning devices is a good idea also. Like you said, removing windows and smudging or black paint around window frames would help if someone is scoping from a distance. Debris – old dressers turned upside down in the yard for example and rotting meat placed downwind from the house would help discourage looters.

Optionsaregood says:

Thanks Brad.

Rat Route says:

If your thinking just about your driveway, you need to think bigger. Who else lives on your road and are there any natural choke points ,maybe even a few miles away. If you can deny access by road then you can filter out the majority of "zombies". You can not do this sort of thing by yourself , the other families in your area will get on board if there is a significant enough event. Have a plan for your house , road,and area to hinder and control travel during the day and prohibit travel by night(nothing good comes by night).
PS If someone is good enough to find you with a defense in depth, think about giving them a job…

Dana Degraw says:

Whoop whoop!!! I made it! Hey all! Much love from Alaska!

TxStateDG says:

you can putt barbwire around a fell tree too avoid a chainsaw cutting through it.
you can dig a big trench in the road aswell.

Rain Country says:

Good discussion, thank you!

yankey4 says:

Sent a PM brother. Hell we have peeps show up ater all the flooding. They had the food just could not cook with out power. I know this was not the same. Just think tho if peeps can't even think out side the box and cook with out power. How long would it take?

quietplus1 says:

thanks again really enjoy watching your vids folks very interesting stuff

Danny's Off Grid Flat says:

well ya the more you can drop the less likely they will come most people who will invade will be tired hungry thirsty..and because of that take the easiest path of least resistance

timothy thomas says:



just saying… http://www.pyrocreations.com/Perimeter-Alarms

John R Pannell says:

also you can make an electric cattle prouder that works off of 110 pvc pipe a lamp a switch for trigger and two 12 penny nails for contacts at the business end fix the tube so that if the perpetrator gabs the device he will more than he bargained for

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