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Spring Sowing: Kale, Bok Choi, Lettuce & More Organic Gardening

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Organic gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Spring garden and sowing leafy greens: Lettuce, Kale, Mizuna, Mesclun Mix, Arugula, Beets, Spinach, Pak Choi or Bok Choi and more.


theuglykwan says:

Your garden is huge! Here there'd be like a whole housing development on it! lol

Jelani Steans says:

Love your channel your a great gardener I just subscribed!!!

lafrancerl says:

Thanks for the info on your garden. You always have a great garden.

TheItalian Garden says:

you must have a different last frost date then the Portland metro area here in Oregon. Our last frost date is usually march 15th to march 30th. we are both in zone 8 though lol.

Gaietty's GGA says:

Loved watching your video. 🙂

Beru -Chan says:

Sowed my corn kind of early this year but they are doing great! So excited for my corn!


Thanks for the tour .  I like watching for your updates.  Thank you for always letting us know where you are located and zone.  It seems like I have a hard time remembering where all the gardeners are from. Keep the videos coming.

The Northwest Forager says:

Hi Misilla! Thanks for posting :]

Linda Penney says:

thanks for sharing have a blessed day 

Kim Mccullough says:

Do u have a Facebook page?

MrChipGardener says:

Nice to get a start on things already! I still have to wait another 4 weeks (if I'm lucky). I wish you well!

High Desert Garden says:

I'm getting ready for the same thing. I look forward to following your journey again this year! Those kids sure are growing.

Lori Daup says:

It's great that you have your children there with you teaching them the love of gardening!  Wish I had been gardening when mine were young.  🙂

Eco Oasis says:

Yippy! It's planting time!(-: There is nothing better than worm castings and fresh rain water for planting seeds. Your worm farm looks amazing by the way! I see a healthy fresh salad in your future. You will love mizuna…sweet with a little bite of heat when they are young. Plus the texture of mizuna looks great in a mixed salad. Thanks for sharing!

Kate says:

Helpful video. Thanks for sharing.

superslyfoxx1 says:

Cool! I have some Mizuna growing too. Planted out some beet seeds and lettuce. I hope everything grows well for you.

Patrick Meehan says:

I love your greens. Thanks for sharing

Hugh Janus says:

I planted some mammoth sunflowers, they're looking good!

Rainbow Gardens says:

I had a potato "volunteer" too from last growing season. I sowed some Mesclun Mix last week too. It was old seed (from 2008) and germinated great! 

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