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Simple Sustainable Living

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Writer/Producer Rosie Emery

With increased emphasis on the environment and the importance of reducing our ecological footprint, many people are still a little unsure as to what exactly they can do to incorporate more sustainable living practices into their daily lives.

While recycling and energy efficiency have become a slightly more commonplace in households, other aspects of sustainable living are not so well known.
Here in Southwest Florida you can discover ways in which to incorporate more sustainable practices into your daily life in a variety of ways.

From classes in Being Green to learning how to worm-compost at the Eco-Living Center in Fort Myers there is something for everyone as we journey together to a greener future!


Being Green Class
Donna Roberts 239-810-0241
Ann Smith 239-248-2250
annsmith@embarqmail.com or http://www.circleconnections.com
or check the Happehatchee Center website at:


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