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Simple Green Living Wall Installation

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Simple interior installation with plywood backing. Patented Green Living Wall with low light indoor plants. The Patented technology can grow anything from edibles to long lived perennials. Manufactured in 4 and 6 inch depths the system is freestanding or wall mounted in almost any configuration.


Sunario Siahaan says:

i like it,,,, vis

Justin Marshy says:

I want this.

Imran Shehzad says:

the video is very nice i love gardning.

Xonivius says:

Cool! I love vertical gardens!

John Luddell says:

This is cool!

Adrianna Rivera says:

Ah! I love it! Wish that I could go back and train some more. I’d love to
do this for a living.

AA XD says:


gaiagale says:

interesting the 4000th viewer

bleaupearls says:


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