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Simple and Sustainable Living in My 100 Square Foot Tiny House

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Welcome to my tiny house in Orlando, Florida where I live simply and sustainably! I built this tiny house along with friends for under $1,500, with nearly 100% secondhand and repurposed materials and while creating near zero waste- just 30 pounds of trash!
This setup allows me to live simply so that I can dedicate my time to the service of others and the earth. It also serves as a demonstration site for those who desire to live simply and sustainably.
I am so excited to FINALLY have a video tour of my place to show you! In this tour I show you the inside of my tiny 100 square foot house, my outdoor kitchen with greywater, my rainwater shower and rainwater collection system, my closed loop compost toilet, my garden and more!
I wanted to keep this video somewhat short, but will have more videos to come.

I have created an FAQ to answer most every question that has arisen about my tiny house. You can read that at http://www.robgreenfield.tv/tinyhousefaq

To learn about the build and more details you can watch this video and read this guide: http://robgreenfield.tv/tinyhousebuild/

Video filmed and edited by John VonMutius http://johnvonmutius.com

Rob Greenfield is an adventurer, activist, and humanitarian for a sustainable and just world. He donates 100% of his media income to grassroots nonprofits. His YouTube channel is a source for all things sustainable living, off the grid, simple living, zero waste, tiny house, grow your own food, cycling, and green.

Find Rob Greenfield on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RobGreenfield
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobJGreenfield @RobJGreenfield
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/RobJGreenfield @RobJGreenfield

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Miracles Happen says:

Great job! I was just wondering.. I guess the climate is warm enough in Florida to allow you to shower and do the cooking outside. What is the alternative for cold places? Also, I see that the toilet is outside which is great but it doesn't look very private to me… I prefer washing instead of using leaves: same concept, you can just use the water for watering plants as it is a great natural fertilizer. However, ideally I would prefer to be 100% off grid.

Footloose Tarun says:

Amazing! But can you please tell me what it's that bacteria digesting in the bio gas plant? and how do you collect them?

C romana says:

Do they still make wooden rain barrels like I had as a child?

Judy PSA says:

I absolutely love your brilliant mind, Rob. Thank you.

Mister HYMS says:

I don't speak very gud English but it's amazing!!!! Congratulations

Renee Arias says:

Love this. You've given me some good ideas. I don't know why I didn't think of putting some hardware cloth around my compost pile. That would be such an easy way to keep my naughty dog out of it. My husband and I rent a small home (maybe about 700sqf?) on about 5 acres although most of that is owned by our landlord but we have a big backyard for California's standards. We have a small garden, some dwarf fruit trees, rosemary bushes, a prickly pear cactus and a few chickens. The house is like 100 years old (no exaggeration) so we remodeled the kitchen a few years ago using 90% gently used items. We did buy a new sink and piping and redid it so the grey water from the kitchen sink waters a shade tree just outside the kitchen window. I wish cars weren't such a way of life here, I honestly hate driving but I've been unsuccessful in getting rid of mine so far.

dirt232323 says:

hi rob, how about meat or fish? and also dairy? you buy them on groceries? or you're strickly vegan? im curious, really interesting vid btw

Orakel Gottes says:

i love a way of alternative living .. but sanitary is very important .. i still will need toilet with water flushing system

Aurora Borealis says:

Hola 👋 es una casa 🏠 perfecta sustentable es lo qué deseo tener, tengo 60 años y 2 nacionalidades la idea es encontrar el lugar correcto en medio de la naturaleza dónde pueda vivir el resto de mi vida tranquila, mirando qué la política la economía la geografíageologia Sean favorables, soy ambientalista, sustentable, ecología en todo, Buddhista y vegetariana hablo alemán español italiano
. Qué o cómo hago para contactar con el proyecto de está casa? Ah en este momento me encuentro en Colombia. Muchas gracias 🙏

Peter Kennedy says:

Rob – You are doing a LOT of things right and I commend you. However, several things are not to building code/environmental regulation and should be mentioned. Compost toilets are not legal in many areas of the country for everyday use and certainly not to be used for growing food. Also, your electricity from the main house using a large extension cord probably is not legal and potential safety hazard. Burning wood from a fire pit is not allowed in some districts with air pollution problems and it certainly is not sustainable. Having said that, I highly recommend this video and recommend taking notes on all of the great ideas you have implemented. Well done.

wontstopme77 says:

Living with such a beautiful purpose!


Daniela Fazio says:

I'd like to visit!
We're doing that here in Brazil!

Brad Jennings says:

What, No wife and kids?

Sun Lun says:

You're an Australian !!!!

Lora Mae Baluncio says:

𝚆𝚘𝚠!! 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚝'𝚜 𝚊𝚖𝚊𝚣𝚒𝚗𝚐!!

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