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Should I Use Horse Manure in My Vegetable Garden? and other Organic Gardening Q&A

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions. Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered with the links below:

1. John will answer your question in an upcoming episode on his channel:

2. John will personally call you and do a 10 minute garden coaching session:

In this episode, John will answer the following questions:

01:28 Would you use composted horse manure in your garden?
05:23 If you could redo your raised beds now, would you do them differently?
06:33 How do you eat your pumpkins?
07:16 What can I do if I can’t get rock dust to add trace minerals?
09:15 There are seedlings coming up in my composter. How should I deal with them?
10:50 What are the most sprayed conventional produce items and what is the most cost effective veggies to grow in my garden?
14:35 Do I need to buy Organic Seeds or are Heirloom Seeds ok? Will it make a difference?
17:45 What is your opinion on Bokashi Composting?
09:31 Will Rock dust, worm castings, etc work in a container garden?

Raw Not Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and Making Pumpkin Juice:

After watching this episode you will learn John’s answers to these questions and probably alot more about organic gardening as well.


Stephani Jonson says:

nice video , If anyone else wants to produce you own amazing healthy
organic fruit and veg easily it’s worth trying – Banfan Incredible Organic
Miracle (just google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it from my
brother in law – perfect! 

Chris Allen says:

Hi John, a lot of my compost in my composting barrel is clumping into black
compost potatoes – what’s the best way of turning it into dry soil like
compost? Thanks.

Jay Kimber says:

You’re awesome John, what a big heart you have. 

MrMac5150 says:

It is against the law in California to remove Kelp from beaches.

Daniel Gilliland says:

I’ve been using Sea-90 all season, and I’ve noticed that even if I double
or triple the suggested amounts to use, my plants don’t burn. Maybe I
should do a test plant where I abuse the heck out of it to see what it can
take 🙂

easybullet3 says:

i have a video of GREEN JUICE (under my x1260 microscope) on my youtube
video list. there are some Crystals Moving around it. I want someone to let
me know more about these crystals in Green Juice. What are they ?

CripChicks Crypt says:

Bobbit 🙂

Melanie Stark says:

Instead of using the “s” word! Thanks! Don’t mean to be prude. Just want to
be able to watch these without having to censor. Thanks’

chainsawmajini says:

How about the enzymes in the horse manure ? I thought that’s what
most,people use it for .

Bill Harborne says:

We have a serious problem in England and I am sure you have it too, with a
particular weed killer that remains active in crops, and passes through
animals into the manure. Some allotments have been wiped out after using
such manure, it also remains for up to 4 years.The weed killer is used in
agriculture to kill broad leaved weeds in grassland but remains in the
grass and passes through grazing animals. Aminopyralid and similar weed
killers are the alleged cause. So always check your source..

Rainbow Gardens says:

Yes, that is the case with most poop! I have soooo many trees pop up from
bird droppings too! Anyway, if it is composted properly,seeds should not be
a problem. The best stuff for me is animal manure, yes, composted. :)))

BuddyJesusSmokes says:

commercial family farms near my house in MI often spread horse and cow
manures in their fields to reduce the amount of needed chemical
fertilizers. They spread it in the Fall so it has all winter to cool off
and be ready for young plants in the spring.

tod mills says:

Urban dictionary says this about “City of Syrup”: houston texas wher the
sipping of syrup(codiene cough syrup) was made popular. Largely associated
with rap artists dj screw, big moe, and swishahouse. Yes, I learned
something new too.

Melanie Stark says:

John… I love your videos. And I even love the occasional pot joke now and
then (hey, I went to college!!). But, I have young children who are just
learning words. Would u mind saying “poop”

James Bailey says:

“..funky balls! – I like that name.”

Kevin Jones says:

We have miniature horses and I know what they’re eating and we rarely worm
them, so I know when not to collect manure out of the paddocks. Combined
with the pelletized stall bedding, and green sand, it heats up quickly and
composts down pretty nicely. I may have a source for Azomite next year to
add to it. Sweetest watermelons I’ve ever grown this year were fed with
composted horse manure tea.

chainsawmajini says:

Oops I accidentally left an extra comma in my sentence , my bad .

misstresst says:

I used my horses manure this year in my garden,and everything grew awesome.

ddshears says:

Oh, and we pull trucks up on the beach here when we get a bunch of kelp
washing up…more FREE compost!!!

scrm1 says:

John! Noooooo!!! I just finished 5 ginormous compost piles of horse
manure/leaf/saw dust last week for my 1/2 acre plot.

Tim Huffman says:

Hi John — Thanks for mentioning the BOKASHI method of composting. I
actually have a kit on order myself.. Cant wait to see your next video

Jose Sola says:

Glacial rock dust is a bit expensive around here because of shipping.
However there are many kitchen counter manufacturers around here. How do
you feel about using the dust that comes out of the saws after cutting
granite slabs?

christschool says:

Good cow manure is pure gold and very natural. Wood forests are acidic and
aren’t good environments for vegetables to grow in so the constant
reference to forest ecology isn’t a good one when considering vegetable
growing. Evolution has made some manures “nature’s fertilizer”.

anoptimisticone says:

I am wondering about the wormers that my horse has to ingest every other
month and how that breaks down or doesn’t for using manure in the compost,
what say you John and fans?

Leesville Aquaponics Homestead says:

See the horse doesnt process weed seeds so they pass them in their poo end
result weeds… So if it don’t get up to 150 it will not kill the seeds
off… I Will never use it again but I use rabbits and goat manure un
composted… Once the sun hits the poop it will kill anything that may have
been on it and I use it as the seed bed/top dressing… They are very slow
release so it last longer too… My one garden never had horse poo and has
maybe 1/100th of the weeds my other garden does…

SuperPropwash says:

Again,.. ADD WOOD ASHES to your soil. Look up the video “Dead Doctors Don’t
Lie” here on Youtube for explanation.

Patrick Baron says:

John your channel rocks I have learned a lot from you thank you very much.

Naoma Campbell says:

I own 6 horses that are fed organically/naturally – what I do with mine in
my garden is put a 3 to 5 inch layer at ground level – Then I use my guinea
pig bedding that I have composted – Then I put 4 inches of Wood chips on
top – I do this all in the fall. By spring my soil is teaming with worms
that have composted my manure and filled the bed with beautiful castings.
That’s the start of my beds – in the spring I do all the other stuff John
does 🙂

Adam Lawton says:

I can’t wait to see what the mix for the container gardening is like. I
have a small plot in my colleges garden to use for myself, and its either
containers, or in the ground gardening. I’m opting to use containers
because I want to grow a variety of leafy greens, herbs, and vertical
cucumbers/pole beans.

Infidel Forlife says:

that only applies to libtards. normal people can have as much as they like

Life Force Project says:

Thanks John! YOU ROCK !!

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