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Self Sufficient Eco Farm – Documentary

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A short documentary about a self- sufficient family living on a mini eco farm in Cornwall. Dan & Lora Newman have lived at Trelowen for four years producing their own fruit and veg, looking after ducks, chickens and pigs while raising two children.
Thanks to Cornish band ‘Freedom/ Guilt Equation’ for the music!

By Gemma Taylor


BevsArtsandCrafts says:

Meanwhile, I live frugal, grow all my own fruit and veg and fight MS.
Thanks for the great video, pleasure to watch x

Red Deer says:

God the music is annoying. Great mini doco though!

bruno rocha says:

that ass hole

Flashlax19 says:


LivingNaturallyInTune WithNature says:


BevsArtsandCrafts says:

One day I will live like this. So simple, and back to basics 🙂 homegrown
food…brilliant x

Antonio Kleber Gonçalves A. says:

Ele pirou e foi fazer loucuras no quintal dele Maconheiro!

alex faku says:

will be me soon 

hotrod says:

this is the key to happiness…. simplicity=happiness

earthkeyper says:
Im Anon says:

I didn’t see any toilet paper in that out house, What do they wipe with?

magicbeekeeper says:

Using rain water callected like that to wash your hands is asking for
trouble. Bird dropings are on the roof and get into your water system =

Haleene Williams says:

I like the talking parts but the music blast me out and I am constantly
turning this up and down. Just a note for the next one.

Mindcontrol Yo says:
zero101 says:

People bitch on here about this an that..these guys live better then 3rd
world countries. .so I say more props for trying to live

ghayath2011 says:

You’re right It Is a wonderful way to live

Reddylion says:


gavloft says:
Lee Stovin says:
Sam Dallison says:

Nice to watch, sorry to say the volume needs work, music too loud and
talking to quiet! Keep up the good work.

Emma Maria says:

There is room for improvement, I feel that they are aiming for a lifestyle
beyond their current capabilities, the poor sanitation for instance is a
step in the wrong direction. However, they have provided a model which
others can use to follow in their footsteps and I say bravo.

Wes Caron says:

or a shaled:P

otteliasb says:

They seem so happy and healthy, good for them and other people who lives
this way.

Mystogan Edolas says:

So who makes the plastic you use?
Wow makes the latex?
Who makes the iron?
Who makes the copper?
Who makes your clothing?
Self sufficient my ass.

Søren Salomon says:

I really like this – I wanna live that way too! I think this lifestyle is
the way to happiness which is what we all search for but few only really

LloydieP says:


DIY Solar says:

very inspirational documentary, hard work is really needed to have this
kind of thing that you can call as your own.

121rev says:

Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

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