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Rural Self Reliant – Sustainable People, New Zealand

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This video series was created to help ordinary people find ways to become more sustainable no matter their circumstances. The idea came from the late Jane Perkins, New Zealand based artist, filmmaker and nature lover, and it was later completed by her friends Annie Collins and John McKay in memory of Jane. You can learn more about the project at: www.sustainablepeople.co.nz


lea-anne moss says:

I grew up on a hippy commun. Really amazing X 💜 🌈 👍

Jaz Mina says:

First of all respect for what you are doing! To live off the land in a sustainable way is truly commendable. We also live in a lifestyle block of 2 hectares and trying to reduce our carbon footprints . I have been reading a lot about how to feed the world and unfortunately we are the lucky ones. Not everyone can afford to live in a lifestyle block and in urban centres I think the answer lies in rooftop gardens and vegetables grown in commercial buildings as what they are doing in Singapore and New York even though this may seem as unnatural for us. That is the reality for the majority of people in the future. I also believe the future will be a vegan world as the world cannot afford to produce enough animal based protein to feed China and India and Africa. Again my respect for what you are trying to achieve and I myself yearn for that way of life and am trying to replicate it.

Countess Palatine of Burgundy says:

what a deary couple

Rhys Jones says:

LOL OMG this is me in 30 years. As soon as he started talking about methods of government hahahahaha

Ahmed Alghamdi says:

Lovely couple, do they offer wwoofing during summer?

Out West Homestead says:

Beautiful area. You really made it beautiful

Alicia Balassa says:

Lovely couple and what they have done with their land!!! A true example of sustainable living!!!

Gnat Anderson says:

oh my goodnes. it drives me nuts to see folks living this lifestyle and then grow vegetables out of a tire for example. 11:38 remove those toxic tires from the water.. no wonder the planet is short on water..

KWH says:

I thought humanure needed to compost for 2 years before using as a soil amendment?

kane m says:

Smartest people ive listened to in a long time! i would love to do exactly what they are doing, where are they in NZ?

Olivia Gates says:

I don't think Earth is overpopulated at all, please know that the Earth is flat and infinite land is abreast of us all around.  Nasa know this and carefully have hidden it through counterfeit space programs, keeping our attention out into a never ending cosmos that only they can know about.  This feedback is fraudulent and they are quickly going down in flames.   I like your get to the roots ideas and that is just what I am saying as well, the roots of our Earth need to be re-established in light of new and ancient findings.  Thankyou, love your work.

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