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Quitting Fast Fashion | how I transitioned to a sustainable wardrobe without $$$ & why

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My journey on quitting fast fashion in 2016 & what my stance is now!

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〰️ resources to check out __
○ https://www.fashionrevolution.org/
○ The True Cost (Documentary. I believe it’s still on Netflix!)
○ FACTS COURTESY OF (well, most of them, others are from an instagram post I did a while ago and I can’t remember the specific sources) : https://ecowarriorprincess.net/2018/10/facts-statistics-about-fast-fashion-inspire-ethical-fashion-advocate/
○ Kristen Leo (youtuber) https://www.youtube.com/user/KristenElleTV/videos
○ Guppy Friend (I think most Patagonias & REI’s sell them in store too if that’s easy for you!) http://guppyfriend.com/en/

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〰️ about me __

Hello! My name is Christie. My middle name is Sedona. I’m from Montreal/New England and i’m now living in Seattle. I live a vegan, mostly zero waste lifestyle. I’m very passionate about wellness, fitness, mama earth, self care and ethical fashion. I used to be a clothing designer and freelance brand consultant but now I’m a jobless entrepreneur trying to advocate sustainable living and self love through youtube and podcasting. I’m over the moon happy to be on this journey with ya!

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Sedona Christina says:

haha not entirely sure why I spoke so fast in this vid. I think your gurl had too much coffee this morning. But never the less, I hope you enjoyed this video! Excited to continue to share sustainable and thrifty fashion tips and such that I pick up! 💛💛💛 Lemme know what your favourite thing about sustainable fashion is! Or perhaps lemme know about your recent thrifty finds! I luv all your inspo!!
Sending ya luv 💛

Kennedy Paige says:

Love this so much!! Thank you!

Jenny Johnson says:

Can you plz make a video of your favorite sustainable companies? Like companies you buy clothes, products, anything from? Would really like to find new companies to support!

Hanneke Teunissen says:

Really enjoyed this video.

Lisa Vineyard says:

Can I ask… what sites do you recommend that are online? Do you have a favorite?

MissKerriFit says:

I love this video <3 and the editing style is so amazing!! do you mind sharing what software you use to edit?

andthenifellinlove says:

I love the story behind the start of your journey, the facts, and the information of how you changed your fashion behaviors. Great video.

steph yo says:

I am in the no consuming part, and I think people should be like this all the time, we really don't need anymore clothes, or anything else that we buy. People really need to stop consuming so much, and if you actually do need something, then secondhand is the way to go!

Jimeh says:

Even if we carried on using cotton, it would have so much less impact on the environment if people wore their clothes until they actually wore out, rather than churning through them with short trend after short trend

Memi says:

You're so pretty😍 I love your hair xx

Rebekah Zammit says:

Could you recommend any online thrift shops or second hand shops?

deachen19 says:

Fast fashion is only adding up to the crisis the planet is going through due to pollution. It's good that many YouTubers are addressing this issue. In our locality old and unused clothes are recycled and turned into mattresses. ✌

Lucy medievalC says:

Its mindblowing…in the sad way point of view.

Eucis93 says:

I’m in the process of opening a thrift store + café that I’m hoping to make as zero waste and eco friendly as possible. I will focus mostly on allowing people to rent a spot to sell their things in hopes that they will be inspired to re-sell their old stuff instead of throwing everything away. I will also make it possible for people to give their old things to the store and I will clean/upcycle or sell the items as is. It will also be completely non-profit and all income will be given to people in need within my town. I have also gotten an offer to receive leftover food from a local hospital to deliver to people in need, if I find a way to manage that I will deliver it in reusable/compostable containers.

I’m struggling right now to figure out how to make it zero waste in both an affordable and hygienic way; I did find paper cups without plastic and wooden stirrers for the café (I don’t have the means for a dishwasher lol) and all the pastries/baked goods will be unsold items from a bakery nearby, but there will obviously be alot of packaging with everything. I will do my best to recycle everything I can and buy as little plastic as I can, including recycled trash bags and reusable coffee filters. It’ll be a rough start I’m sure but I’m hoping to officially be able to market myself as non-profit, eco friendly, fair trade and zero waste within a year 😊

Davide T. says:

Best thing: do not buy anything. If you need something, go to a second-hand shop.

erly says:

Thrifting has always been a treasure hunt for me, it's been a favorite activity for me since I was in middle school. I love going to Goodwill outlet – you pay for clothes by the pound, but beware it hasn't been sorted yet.

Ashleigh Davis says:

I usually thrift, and have been doing so for about 5 years but have only recently got into doing more research into how brands produce their items. My question regarding thrifting is if I should buy what I like at a thrift store and feel ok about it because its second hand regardless of how it was produced? I feel conflicted because some (most) of the brands that are at my local thrift store are not ethically produced and wearing them makes me feel like I'm giving those brands a pass and saying it's ok. I realize thrifting is better for the environment and that buying those clothes means that my money stays away from those companies but I cant help feel like I shouldn't be wearing those clothes because I don't agree with the way they were produced despite that I'm not their first owner. That being said, I did try to buy from a sustainable fashion company but they only sold online and in 1 boutique thats a bit far away from me, and I ended up with a bunch of not so great pieces that I don't really like, but do have a good story behind them. It seemed like such a waste, despite supporting the company that is doing things correctly, that I would end up with items that are fit poorly that I now cant wear. Such a tricky predicament!

Noureen Elrayes says:

Like finaaaaaaly someone made me feel normal cuz I'm grossed of thrifting!

Chiara Birocchi says:

Thank you so much for this video and for your encouragement!! You're great 🙂

Laura Nadel says:

Poshmark is great for *convenient* thrifting/resale. I actually hate thrift stores because of the mess & smell of dustiness & having to sort through clutter. But Posh you can look from the convenience of home and look specifically for what you want.

Karla Reyes says:

I really enjoyed your video and I'm so happy to see si many young people like you taking an alternative to fashion to care for our planet 😊😊 I'm an older lady and I'm new to sustainable fashion so I would appreciate if you could recomend some websites where I can find used clothes 😊😊😅😅 I'm not that tech savvy!!!! Anyways, thank you for the advice and let's keep the ripple effect going!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻😇

modmomdiaries says:

Thrift stores now charging more drives me INSANE! I started going to Goodwill with my grandma when I was little (like…the 80s). I remember when (yes, I'm old) for example, all shoes were $3. Now I'll go in and see a pair that is a good name brand that's priced way higher than the other pairs. That's the fun of thrifting! Finding a great brand at a crazy cheap price! Drives me crazy. Goodwill gettin' all uppity 😂

Mahsa Joyce says:

Love this! Im currently navigating how to be more sustainable and eco friendly. I've stopped shopping/supporting fast fashion!

Gretchen Ritter says:

You mentioned that there are companies that are sustainable or upcycle old articles of clothing, however you didn't give any names…
Id be interested inlearning more about these sort of companies.

holly rae says:

You are just the most beautiful, genuine, funny and inspirational girl. As a general rule, I really don't like most Youtubers, but you just have such good vibes and watching your videos makes me feel so relaxed and happy. I truly hope you are happy and I wish you all the best, your videos brighten my day and I wish you lived in my country because I genuinely think we would be really good friends 🙂 Keep these sweet vids coming gurl! x

Miss 53 says:

There are no thrift shops in my country 🙁

Rachel Eldridge says:

I would LOVE if you went more in depth about like microfibers and plastics when we wash clothes, what synthetic fabrics are, etc! I love how you educate your audience.

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